Global Humanitarian Assistance: Report 2018

Welcome to the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2018.

In 2017, conflicts and disasters around the world left an estimated 201 million people in need of the ‘last resort’ of international humanitarian assistance in order to cope and survive. The conflicts in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan continued to cause suffering and displacement for many millions of people. Meanwhile disasters in the Caribbean and droughts and food insecurity in the Horn of Africa devastated the lives and livelihoods of many more. Elsewhere, crises from Burundi to Ukraine continued to affect large populations but garner few international headlines.

An estimated 201 million people in 134 countries needed international humanitarian assistance in 2017, a fifth of whom were in just three countries – Syria, Yemen and Turkey. A small number of complex crises continue to absorb the majority of humanitarian assistance – 60% of all assistance was channelled to 10 countries only, with 14% going to Syria, the largest recipient, and 8% to Yemen, the second-largest. Conflict continues to feature as a main contributor to humanitarian need. Syria was the single largest recipient of humanitarian assistance for the fifth consecutive year, while Greece and Turkey featured among the 10 largest recipients of international humanitarian assistance for the first time.

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