New Jerusalem Children’s Home

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New Jerusalem Children’s Home (NJCH) is a 24 hour residential care centre which provides holistic residential care services aimed at addressing the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of traumatised, abandoned, orphaned, abused, and HIV positive children and vulnerable youth from 0-18 years. The NJCH opened its doors in 2000 and was established by Advocate Anna Mojapelo, champion for children’s rights, a community developer and experienced businesswoman and her sister Phina Mojapelo, a social worker, therapeutic counsellor of vast experience.

The home provides essential social work services: therapeutic, counselling, reunification of children, facilitation of foster and adoption, developmental, therapeutic and recreational programs. NJCH aims to produce self-reliant, respectful and successful children who will be active citizens of South Africa and the world at large. NJCH’s coordination with its statutory partners makes it stationed well to help in facilitation of family preservation and family reconstruction for the purposes of reunification and foster care and thereby emphasising on the family as an important unit of socialisation and upbringing of children.

The home has also impacted on a lot of children of which some are now in foster care, reunified with their parents and some adopted in well screened loving parents. NJCH still continues to provide professional support to these children through our aftercare programme even after they have been released from the home. 


To be one of the best children’s home in the provision of holistic and integrated quality care to orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatised, HIV positive and vulnerable children in Africa.


  • Provision of residential care, addressing the emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual needs of children within the context of a family;
  • Provision of educational care based on Dr Maria Montessori Method and latest teaching and study methods in technology;
  • Provision of comprehensive and holistic health care facilities.

Main activities and services:

  • The Social Workers provide therapeutic, developmental and recreational services;
  • Child and Youth Care Workers work to improve the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of troubled children and adolescents;
  • Consulting with health and social agencies, physicians, dieticians, family, in regard to mental, physical and emotional health, nutrition, or medication;
  • Building relationships with children and/or adolescents in order to support them built self-esteem and work towards improving behaviour;
  • Gaining a thorough working knowledge of relevant children’s Acts and Codes;
  • Communicating with children adolescents, families and co-workers;
  • Collecting, analysing and presenting verbal and written information appropriately ;
  • Implementing strategies such as planned daily activities, coordinated treatment interventions, organised recreational and social activities;
  • Helping develop and maintain and group treatment programmes.


Inadequate funding, The home is transforming from the dormitory type of accommodation into family unit houses where we are going to need housemothers on a 24hr basis, so that we can raise up the children in a context of a family, this calls for both financial and logistical resources, especially transport means, paying of insurance and a halfway house for boys and girls.

Impact / Contribution to Society

New Jerusalem has identified four projects that will enhance the quality of the children’s lives, improve the sustainability of the Home and reduce its impact on the environment. Three of the four, have the added advantage of creating jobs around the community

  • In-house Bakery and Deli
  • Permaculture Garden
  • Mushroom Garden
  • The Gem Project

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