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The main focus of Nature Party is to empower human beings in all matters pertaining to conservation, preservation and education of our Bio-sphere (nature). Nature Party stand as activists in the battle to sustain the heritage our ancestors left for us and also within ourselves preserve it for our future generations.
The organisation structure stands to create the awareness about the organisation’s hierarchy as also the roles and responsibilities of the core committee , as well as map out the way forward in order for progress and all mandates of the our institution to be fulfilled.
The first chapter of Nature Party began in the fall of January 2012, after a brief shower of rain, followed by a chilly breeze accompanied by a beam of dusk breaking through the clouds. “As a young boy I Mukuwe Moyo wondered whether my grandchildren will ever feel history the soil holds, see the green sign of life the plants show?, breathe-in the fresh air I am immersed in now?.”
“The shear reality that I am an African made it all sad because as a youth all I was tasked with by our ancestors was to preserve the heritage as done by the generations before me, a job I realised I was obviously not upholding and taking seriously.”
“A month later I met up with a schoolmate Timothy Mugadza, who enthusiastically shared in my vision though he is musically talented individual, we longed for that harmonic state our universe used to posse. So we went on the search and vibrant girl signed in to become the first lady of nature party Basetsana Sebohoma became the other part the vision lacked ‘maternal point of view’. After 10 months of idleness I almost gave up the vision when my uncle pushed me forward and through a journey of rediscovery, retracing my life and heritage I resubmitted the comeback application for the now known Nature party in 28 January 2013. The most important moment was that now the organisation had gained the services of two incredible individuals who offered to share this remarkable vision with me Brothers Tafara and Tapiwa Mumbengegwi. A young entrepreneurial Rufadzo Bonyogwe saw my mission and he gracefully accepted my invitation. Then as like a lunar eclipse I was joined by a dedicated, energetic young girl Nobukhosi Ncube, possessing professional qualities I deemed unique. With such an enthusiastic, young, focused team which composed the Core committee, failure was not an option and this marked end of chapter one in the book of Nature party.”
On 26 April 2013, Nature Party was officially registered as a nonprofit organisation with a primary objective to serve and protect the bio-diversity and sustain the ecological balance of our world but firstly in South Africa then the rest of the world.
Nature Party ‘Caring for nature, Caring for you’

Nature Party is to participate and promote bio-diversity conservation, ecological habitats preservation and assist in the education of sustainable agriculture, through community development projects and tours.
Logo symbolism:
The Leaf like symbol constitutes the initials of the organisation name ‘NP’, inspired by the small individual leaflet of the Jacaranda leaf South Africa’s National tree. It stands to represent that all it takes is a small groups of individuals to change the world to a green.


  • To help in the conservation and education of nature in our areas of influence;
  • Work with other organisations with similar interest in improving funding to small, underfunded and struggling community initiatives;
  • Promote awareness to the importance of nature conservation;
  • Promote recycling and research in alternative energy sources;
  • Participate in matters affecting nature as a whole.

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