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Moshate was founded in late 2010 by Mashilo Mnisi, who is now the chief executive of this men’s rights organisation, and it was officially registered as an entity in February 2011 with the South African National Department of Social Development (DSD) as a not-for-profit organisation (NPO). Then later in 2012, Moshate, which implies a ‘chief’s kraal’, got registered with the South African Receiver of Revenue (SARS) with aspirations of becoming ‘emerging social enterprise (ESE).  

The main purpose of this ESE or NPO is to fight and address the imbalance of gender and ill-treatment of men and boys by authorities in South Africa that include bias and ridicule by police, court officials, public health workers and any other public officials rendering service, as a result of victimisation and abuse by female counterparts.  

Moshate intends not to downplay the women’s struggles and rights nor fighting with policies uplifting status of women, but we are fighting abuse and victimisation by women and by the system that tends to be fomenting these against men by curtailing equity when dealing with the male counterparts.  

Therefore, Moshate realised that a lot of men are cringing and fearing to come out and report victimisation and abuse, and particularly due to state's exclusion within the domestic policy framework and programmes. For this same light, Moshate was formed as more men were becoming victims of domestic and workplace abuse.  

Workshops and Campaigns:

Moshate engages communities and create awareness through these workshops and campaigns which are our public education drive. Ideally, they have one training workshop in each province per year where they engage and invite gender critics or experts, the stakeholders, their constituencies and the communities to engage and participate. In addition, Moshate organises and coordinates four protesting campaigns, one in each thematic month, (March; Human Rights month, June; Youth month, August; Women’s month, and November; Men’s month).  

Psycho-Social Support

Moshate begins by rendering pre-counselling and pre-assessment of the complaints received and administered before professional intervention. The organisation's social experts, i.e. Psychologists and Social Workers, provide counselling for abused men such as those being abused psychologically, emotionally and mentally (i.e. psychological, emotional and mental abuses).  

Socio-Legal Support

Moshate provides their victims or beneficiaries with pre-assessment and pre-counselling before any professional intervention to determine whether there is a matter to consider. Through their legal experts, the organisarion provides legal advice, motivation,representation and referrals to their victims and beneficiaries, who are men abused legally, sexually, physically, economically and financially (i.e. legal, sexual, physical, economical and financial abuses).  

The organisation's mission is to use training, and educate communities on gender-based violence and abuse, while instilling knowledge about gender equality, and to provide social service to the male victims through multiplicity of institutional platforms.

Moshate's vision is to become a custodian and a leading vanguard in the acceleration and promotion of gender equality by fighting gender-based abuse holistically in South Africa and the continent.


The organisation was founded to address the imbalance of gender and ill-treatment of men by authorities in South Africa that include bias and ridicule by police, the courts of law, hospitals and any other public structures providing services. Moshate is fighting the system that tends to be fomenting abuse against men by curtailing equity when dealing with the different genders.

Contribution to Society

  • Moshate has attended a number of training for capacity building organised by various institutes and government structures such as Inyathelo, SAPS, Gauteng DSD VEP, etc.;
  • The organisation deals with at least five to seven (5 - 7) complaints of abused men per week, which brings to a total of more than 500 cases that include legal abuse (manipulation of the system to attain illegal protection orders, to press ‘false’ rape charges and unlawful arrests), physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse;
  • Moshate has succeeded in partnering with major institutes and organisations that commit to collaborate in the promotion of gender equality and fight abuse, especially that against men such as Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, the Wits University School of Human and Community Development, the Commission for Gender Equality, the Johannesburg Family Court, the National Prosecuting Authority, the SAPS, the Gauteng Social Development, Family and Marriage Association of South Africa, Statistics South Africa, SANCA and many other civil society organisations with same mandate;
  • Moshate has attracted professional individuals who are committed to contribute their own time to assist Moshate with its complaints whom include social workers, counsellors, a psychologist and legal advisors;
  • The organisation has attracted Thobela FM, Jozi FM, Kasie FM, Radio2000, YFM, CII, Florida Radio, Islamic Radio, Kaya FM and Ligwalagwala FM to talk about our activities and how we assisted men in South Africa 2011 and 2012.;
  • Moshate has featured and dominated headlines at Kaya FM when we denounced Dr Aaron Motsoaledi’s utterance about men as Aids carriers, and asked for a public apology from the minister in 2012;
  • Moshate became main guest for current affairs and talk shows at Lesdi FM, Ukhozi FM, Ikwekwezi FM, Metro, and 702 Talk Radio and Kaya FM where we were confronted and engaged together with our constituencies and the general audience to talk about irregularities with maintenance, custody and parenting of children, and acquisition of protection orders, and also the abuse of power by police and the court in 2013;
  • The organisation was also interviewed by SABC’s Chat Room programme and on a special broadcast during the Women’s Day in 2012;
  • eTV’s 3rd Degree investigative and current affairs programme had communities waging tongues about abuse against men when Moshate became the first organisation to feature publicly as a men’s rights representative.;
  • Reuters International spoke to us about the strategies we use to mainstream our organisation in assisting and helping abused men;
  • Moshate had the Mail & Guardian, City Press, Sowetan, Daily Sun, The New Age, Isolezwe and Daily Dispatch (in Cape Town) write about the organisation and its objectives extolling it for being the one organisation challenging the stereotypes in South Africa and the world labelling men as perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.  

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