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Living Through Learning (LTL) is a registered nonprofit organisation / public benefit organisation in the education sector, assisting in the literacy and technical subject arenas to uplift and equip disadvantaged youth with the requisite skills to succeed in life.

LTL was established in January 2012, and is situated in Wynberg, Cape Town. The organisation’s mission is to ensure the youth is able to read and write successfully, that proper basics are trained and instilled at Grade 1 or foundation level to educators, parents, and learners, and to provide additional assistance to learners in technical subjects.

The organisation runs several education projects at disadvantaged schools in Cape Town, focusing on improving literacy levels, bridging matriculants into tertiary studies, and training educators.

LTL’s vision:

  • To provide the youth with the fundamental tools to competent living;
  • To provide successful educational programmes to youths, educators and parents, with the goal of reversing the dismal outcome of South Africa’s youth’s education, as well as leading to a competent youth that is an asset to the country, community and economy;
  • To provide the youth with literacy and technical skills for real world application;
  • To have a company with staff that can formulate and apply the company’s policy and procedure, resulting in the company being safe, fun, efficient and viable.

LTL is currently running three main projects, which focus on foundation phase learning as well as matriculants:

Coronation Reading Adventure Rooms 

With the Coronation Reading Advantage Rooms (RAR), LTL designs and implements special reading rooms in disadvantaged schools, and provides games, books, manuals and other resources for each room. The project covers nine primary schools in Cape Town and reaches more than 1 000 Grade 1 learners.

The classrooms are transformed into a fantasy haven for learners, in which they can read, write and have fun. The RAR project is comprehensive and aligned with the Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) curriculum for Grade 1 learners. LTL trains educators in its literacy methods and provides the material needed. The organisation’s facilitators also visit the classes on a weekly basis. This approach enables young children to learn how to read and write step-by-step and in a manner that is also enjoyable to them. The organisation believes that learning to read and write should be fun, as well as in the importance of literacy as the foundation to an excellent schooling career.

The RAR programme is sponsored by Coronation Fund Managers. In 2012, learners from Hillside Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain who participated in the RAR project, had a 100 percent pass rate. The schools LTL works with have a definite need. They are hungry for any practical assistance made available to them. The following schools participate in this programme:

  • Gardenia Primary School
  • Belvue Primary School
  • Wavecrest Primary School
  • Greenlands Primary School
  • Bergville Primary School
  • St Vincent Primary School
  • Bruckner De Villiers Primary School
  • Hillside Primary School
  • Kannemeyer Primary School

Tertiary Education Access Channel

LTL is committed to uplifting young unprivileged matriculants from disadvantaged schools, so that they may gain access to further education opportunities. The organisation’s Tertiary Education Access Channel (TEACH) bridging programme embodies this goal.

TEACH offers free courses to these matriculants, and assists them in rewriting their matric exams in order to gain entry into university. By bridging the gap at the end of their high school career, LTL addresses many of the key issues that the unprivileged youths of South Africa face today, as well as supports job creation through meaningful employment.

The project, which started in February 2013, will run until November 2013, with students attending classes daily. It is sponsored by the Datatec Educational Trust. The project commenced with a soft skills course, covering topics such as time management, communication, setting goals, and living with integrity among others.

They are now engaging in the technical subject component of the project: Maths, Science and English. Practical and theory style learning is combined so as to ensure students’ understanding of the material, including fun experiments in the afternoon to incorporate real world application.

LTL sets high standards for its students, and with a dedicated team to assist them all the way, believes they will be successful. 

Maths Tuition classes

LTL also hosts weekly Pure Maths classes for Grade 12 learners. The classes were started to assist learners with revision and to tackle areas of difficulty. The organisation has three qualified and dedicated maths teachers, who give weekly classes to those attending. These classes are held at the LTL premises in Wynberg.

Since 2012, LTL has grown substantially, and as the organisation’s projects continue to expand, it faces various challenges, including aligning project assessments for data collection, up-skilling essential staff, fundraising, and food sponsorship.

LTL believes in finding creative solutions to everyday problems, and recently it was fortunate to exhibit at the annual University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business career fair. The organisation was the only nonprofit organisation present, and with some hard work and determination, LTL managed to effectively market the organisation to MBA students. The students have formed partnerships with LTL to assist with long term projects, which, among other things, include a career fair for the organisation’s TEACH students. 

LTL is passionate about improving education in South Africa. With its unique teaching method and hardworking staff, the organisation believes it can make a difference.

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