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Lambano Sanctuary

Lambano Sanctuary was established in 2001 in response to the HIV crisis and the absence of residential facilities for HIV positive orphans and vulnerable children at that stage. Through its vast experience in the HIV field, the organisation became a specialist facility taking in very ill children and because of that experience and the need for such a facility; it opened its 12-bed Hospice / Step Down Facility in 2009.
Lambano Sanctuary has two key programmes and that is its Homes and the Paediatric Hospice/Step Down Facility. The organisation has accepted into its care 30 HIV positive children and its mission is ‘To provide these children with a caring environment whereby they will be nurtured and cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually with unconditional love.’

Programmes and Events
Lambano Sanctuary Homes - Lambano Sanctuary is a fully registered residential care and support facility to 30 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) infected with HIV. Under this programme, the organisation has four Homes that accommodate 7-8 children in each Home and a dedicated permanent residing Housemother. Currently its children are between the ages of 4-17 years old. Lambano Sanctuary strive to ensure that the children receive the adequate care and supoort that they need.
Lambano Sanctuary Hospice - This is a 12-bed peadiatric Hospice / Step Down facility which is currently being upgraded to an 18-bed because of the increased need for its services. The Hospice was officially opened in 2009 and it is accredited by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA (HPCA). The upgraded Hospcie / Step Down Facility will be launched on the 12th July 2013. The hospice specialises in HIV medical and nutritional care, however it does take in children suffering from other medical illnesses. Our programme is not only focused on palliative care but also offer a Step Down facility to disadvantaged children suffering from HIV/AIDS and other critical health problems like renal, cardiac, brain damage, burns, respiratory problems and cancer.

Through quality care, treatment and support, Lambano Sanctuary Hospice is able to successfully nurse these children back to health, maintaining a very low death rate.  

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge & 702: Walk The Talk
Lambano Sanctuary takes part in the above mentioned fundraising event annually as part of its marketing and sustainability plan. This has become a source of small scale but regular income. The organisation also uses these platforms to raise awareness of its programmes and seek partnerships with corporates, government, individual donors and others as well as to interact with the organisation’s friends and supporters.

  • To provide medical intervention and related services to chronically ill children through t Hospice / Step down facility;
  • To equip the families of the organisation’ chronically ill children with necessary information and tools to continue effective care after discharge;
  • To provide home-based care services to children upon discharge from the Step Down facility;
  • To ensure quality special services through capacity building of staff, volunteers and the Board;
  • To source relevant therapeutic and support services to children in need of these;
  • To provide comprehensive residential care, medical intervention and support to 30 OVCs.


Lambano has achieved astounding success in caring for very ill HIV positive children, the bottom line is ‘We Save Lives.’ Out of the +270 direct beneficiaries assisted by Lambano Sanctuary to date, only 40 passed away; this is a high success rate considering that many of the children are admitted for palliation. Lambano also has a high reunification rate with family after discharge. It takes in children that are not thriving in public health sectors, it gives them medication, good nutrition and stimulate them but more importantly, we micro manage their illness and nurse them individually, give them love and attention and this has been the secret to Lambano’s success. The organisation is not into number crunching but offers good quality care to its patients. It takes a while to turn their health around, average stay is three-months but Lambano has children who are very ill for as long as a year. The organisation’s mission is ‘To provide these children with a caring environment whereby they will be nurtured and cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually with unconditional love.’ With the upgrade of the Hospice, Lambano will be able to assist a minimum of 72 children directly over a year and approximately 216 secondary beneficiaries mainly being parents and siblings.
Programme Activities

  • To stabilise and diagnose the extent of the child’s illness;
  • To place the child on the correct drugs to treat the illness;
  • To interact with the child’s family about the child’s illness and ascertain whether the child will be able to go home again once they are well;
  • To train and empower the family to take care of the child once the child has been discharged;
  • To assist the family with integrating the child into the Public hospital’s ARV roll-out clinic;
  • To have a care giver visit the family on a regular basis to ensure that the child is given the drugs correctly, ensuring that the child has adequate nutrition and that, if the child is sick, they seek the relevant medical help;
  • To assist the family with food if and where necessary;
  • Pain and symptom control;
  • Respite care;
  • If the child has no family and they are abandoned/orphaned then they will be sent to either a Lambano Home if there is space or sent to another Foster Care facility.

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