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Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation (IYYO) was established in 2003 as a nonprofit organisation. The organisation is a strong community based organisation advocating for people who cannot represent themselves including the poor and needy, children, youth, former addicts and former offenders. It is focused on assisting people who desire to move from dependency to self-sufficiency, move from welfare to empowerment through skills development thereby helping people to lead more comfortable, secure, sustainable and independent lives.

IYYO has acknowledged how to introduce and adapt new approaches to conduct effective programmes, not only for the youth but also for women, children and people living with disabilities. The team believes it is part of the value chain in human development and it is important to network and form partnership with the National Youth Development Agency to build capacity and develop other underdeveloped people thereby ‘pulling them out of poverty into the economic mainstream’.


•    Moral regeneration
•    Education and distribution of sanitary towels;
•    Social programmes and youth camps;
•    Mentorship, Training and Coaching;
•    Skills Development and entrepreneurship;
•    Advice and Referral;
•    Awareness campaigns and programmes (drug abuse);
•    Sustainable livelihoods.


IYYO has designed a motivational campaign to encourage youth, both in and out of school to find their strength, purpose and passion by helping them to unlock their potential, through motivation and moral regeneration.

Moral regeneration means to bring something into existence once again thus form, construct or create a new revitalising energy or a new life.

Before youth can undergo moral, spiritual, or physical renewal, it is important to understand for youth to understand their identity, origin, destiny, potential, positioning, plan and purpose.

The organisation’s campaign comprises of a multi-media programmes which will be supported by an aggressive outreach drive, including a variety of inter-linked products aimed at creating more dynamic youth society. The campaign builds confidence and capacity among educators, mentors, learners and youth by providing a support structure that facilitates integration into a competitive academic environment, which is currently hostile and unsupportive. As a highly motivated campaign, IYYO envisages on maintaining a balanced support structure to assist educators, governments sectors and youth at large through these challenging times. Through this collaborative effort, the organisation hopes to motivate youth to pursue their dreams and find their purpose, thereby increasing their chances of a brighter feature.

Value Add

Our organisation is aware that government and private sectors are investing money in building infrastructure to create an environment conducive for learning. IYYO further acknowledges government's effort to reduce illiteracy and number of drop-outs. The organisation wants to add value in these efforts by enhancing the moral and morale element to these efforts. It also works with government in reducing juvenile delinquency and to empower learners to take decisions.

“But we remain concerned by the report of the General Household Survey in 2010 that just over 120 000 children in that band are out of school,” says SA President, Jacob Zuma, in his 2012 State of the Nation. The organisation therefore wants to add value with these efforts.

IYYO’s contribution cannot be measured in financial terms but its long term impact will be realised in the future through the number children who will be able to overcome certain obstacles through its support. IYYO commits to provide after-care and post-support evaluation using a case study approach.

The team believes it is part of the value chain in human development and it is important to network and form partnership and networks build capacity and develop other underdeveloped people thereby ‘pulling them out of poverty into the economic mainstream’.

Sessions / Outcomes

IYYO’s sessions are designed to inspire young people and help awaken their passion through motivation and moral regeneration.

The programme includes strategic presentation on:

  • Life pressing issues;
  • Self-awareness;
  • Supercharged study skills;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Success stories; and
  • Taking ownership.

Key Focus

  • Everyone is crafted for greatness fearfully and wonderfully made;
  • Have natural talents which are inborn and easy to develop;
  • You were born to nothing but to excel;
  • Whatever you have in life that you do not use, you will ultimately loose;
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way;
  • The key to achieving success is in knowing what you are willing to do and willing to give up in order to reach your goal i.e. sacrifices - be a self-starter.


  • To bring back and instill values and spirit of;
  • Ubuntu among youth in school and out of school;
  • Promoting and encouraging good relations, mutual trust and social coexistence;
  • Encourage participation by finding lasting solutions;
  • Promote values and creating a sense of being communal;
  • Create an opportunity to share, learn, network and mobilise resources;
  • Create a vibrant healthy, active role within their group ensuring unity and uniformity;
  • Encourage youth to explore their creativity and turn that into formal careers by making it their livelihood.

Benefits for Partnering with IYYO

  • Advice and guidance on the project progress and quality ensuring that the goals to be outlined are achieved;
  • Critically assess the quality and usefulness of selected reports as they are generated by the team;
  • Facilitate partnerships with key stakeholders such as Government, non-governmental organisations, and community leaders at large;
  • The seed planted will grow and bear fruit for many years to come;
  • The intervention will be result-driven and measurable;
  • Make recommendations for further capacity building measures and identify capacity gaps;
  • Ensure that IYYO’s intervention is visible to communities.


lnqaba's programmes will enable youth to fulfil their potential and take an active responsible role in society through stimulative, distinctive and enjoyable programmes and to have a sense of community involvement along the way. This would form part of a fun, interactive and non-threatening environment in which the youth will be given the opportunity to talk about behaviours that could put them at risk of infection of HIV, STI's, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, etc.

With this focus, one will be able to measure the impact behavioural changes where will be able to have:

  • Empowered and confident youth improved matric results;
  • Educated, employable youth and contributors to society.

It is important to establish a long-term relationship with different stakeholders from the implementation of the identified projects to the closure of such projects. The incorporation of values, cultures and service excellence is critical to all processes within our Programme.

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