Care-Net Development and Support Organisation

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Care-Net Development and Support Organisation is a nonprofit making organisation. It was established in 2007 to work with youth, orphaned and vulnerable children and their families.

Care-Net Development and Support Organisation’s vision is to ‘Promote, improve, support and strengthen lives and wellbeing of families’

  • Render integrated Social work services.
  • Provide statutory and non - statutory services to families and children
  • Render preventative and support service to families and children;
  • Build capacity of parents and care –givers to protect the wellbeing of children;
  • Establish resources which can promote the wellbeing of families and children;
  • Preserve, Protect and promote family units;
  • Contribute to the growth and development of social work profession.

The organisation promotes sustainable livelihood skills of parents and care-givers by engaging them in the following projects:

  • Facilitate a food security and income generating program for unemployed men and women in the area at Manamelong primary school;
  • Producing vegetable for the drop-in Centre
  • Encouraging the un-employed in making and use of Wonder bags as a life and economy saving skill in order to preserve, protect and promote family units

Local women use available resources to generate income: Engaging in livelihood, income generating and environment friendly activities.

  • Leadership development

Facilitate Leadership development programs at local schools such as Refalotse primary school

  • Conduct training Workshops

Pro-active and Employment preparation workshops for school facilitators and unemployed youths and adults.

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