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Sunday, 21 October, 2012
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UN Women is the UN organisation dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. UN Women works on several fronts towards ending violence against women and girls. This includes tackling its main root: gender inequality. Efforts are multiplied through advocacy campaigns and partnerships with governments, civil society and the UN system.

UN Women seeks the service of a Consultant to facilitate Workshop on Women in Cross Border Trade.


Since 2006, UN Women has been implementing an Africa wide programme aimed at creating wealth and reducing poverty and exclusion among women informal cross border traders (WICBT) in Africa. Phase I of the programme (2006-2009) focused on empirical baseline studies in the four sub-regions. The general objective of the baseline studies (conducted in the Great Lakes Region, Cameroun, Liberia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and the studies covered border points in Senegal, Niger, Guinea, Togo) was to assess the overall political, economic, social, physical and institutional context within which women and men in informal cross border trade operate in these countries. The studies were also undertaken to better profile WICBT and assess the contributions they are making to wealth creation, employment, poverty reduction and regional integration in order to inform policy change in trade and regional integration processes. The baseline studies identified numerous challenges facing WICBT, ranging from invisibility due to unavailability of statistics and lack of recognition of their economic contribution to their economies, to weak trade-related institutions, services and resources in support of their activities, deficient implementation of regional trading agreements and protocols, violence, stigmatization and harassment, and lack of information on the opportunities provided by regional trading protocols and agreements.

Based on the results of the baseline studies and a thorough scan of the policy environment on WICBT, phase II of the programme was developed and implementation started in 2010.  Phase II of the WICBT programme is articulated around three outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Coalitions and networks of women cross border traders effectively demand and obtain better services, women friendly cross border procedures and gender mainstreaming into African trade agreements and protocols to their governments and RECs;
  • Outcome 2:  Regional Economic Communities and mainstream government institutions demonstrate leadership, commitment, and accountability to support WICBT and mainstream gender issues in trade agreements and processes;
  • Outcome 3: Greater visibility of the contribution of WICBT to wealth creation, employment generation, poverty reduction and regional integration through knowledge sharing.

The regional workshop seeks to bring together stakeholders working on Women in Cross Border Trade (WICBT) in the SADC region for the purpose of reviewing progress on what has been achieved on mainstreaming gender into trade agreements  and the implementation of that thereof in order to identify achievements, gaps and opportunities for further influence.

Objectives of the consultancy

UN Women Regional Office for Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands is planning a two day consultative meeting with experts and key players focusing on cross border trade in the region and identify areas that require further strengthening. The main objective of the facilitator is to guide the process towards the expected results and objectives of the workshop as follows.

  • Sharing information on work being done in targeted countries
  • Sharing information on research done highlighting issues affecting women in cross border trade
  • Highlight achievements, gaps and challenges
  • Developing a strategy plan for regional coordination and collaboration on women in cross border trade work

Specific tasks of national consultant

  • Submit a proposed methodology for the workshop process to ensure  delivery of results;
  • Discuss and agree with the Programme specialist on the process of the workshop;
  • Provide guidance to participants on the presentations;
  • Facilitate the two day workshop ensuring clarity, shared understanding of objectives and maximum participation from the participants;
  • Ensure that all workshop sessions start on time and are carried out within the prescribed time;
  • Encourage debate and participatory dialogue during all sessions;
  • Maintain the flow of the process by keeping participants informed on progress, issues raised and emerging themes;
  • Ensure that the workshop develops a clear plan of action.

Outputs and deliverables

Followings are the deliverables that will be submitted to UN Women Sub Regional Office:

  • The consultant to submit a cover letter, CV and a proposal (October 2012);
  • A methodology developed and agreed upon;
  • A well managed and coherent process resulting in the clear identification of issues, and a clear programme of action.

Duration of assignment/duty and travel details: 28 October  - 10 November 2012.

Profile and competences of candidates

  • Commitment to gender equality and women’s rights and strong team working skills;
  • Master’s degree in social science field/business management or related;
  • Minimum of five years working experience in the area of gender and development;
  • Proven experience in facilitation;
  • Knowledge of gender mainstreaming;
  • Good knowledge on gender and human rights, with a focus on international, regional and national frameworks on gender and development;
  • Good knowledge of agricultural development including policies and practices;
  • Knowledge on CEDAW, economic empowerment, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, peace and security, women in politics, capacity development, United Nations Development Assistant Funds (UNDAFs) and joint gender programmes is an asset.

To apply, submit a CV, completed United Nations Personal History Form (P.11) and motivation letter to hr.southafrica@unwomen.org. Kindly quote the Reference - ‘Consultant to facilitate Workshop on women in Cross Border trade’ in the subject line of your application. We will not able to track your applications without the reference code provided.

Please quote the source of this advertisement in your application - NGO Pulse Portal.

This position only applies for national personnel or others legally authorised to work in South Africa.

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

For more about the United Nations Women, refer to www.unwomen.org.

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