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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Thursday, 28 November, 2013
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Mindset Network is a nonprofit organisation that aims at personal, social and economic development of all people in Africa. Mindset uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support education in the schooling and health sectors.

Mindset Network seeks to appoint Computer Applications Technology (CAT) Teachers, based in Johannesburg.

The qualified CAT teachers should have a minimum of five years teaching experience and currently teaching CAPS

The learning support resources comprise of video lessons, interactive multimedia, short online tutorials and print materials for CAT. The content consists of CAT lessons designed in an informative, interesting and easy-to-follow manner, to serve as teaching and learning support materials for both educators and learners.
There are two main objectives of the CAT project, namely, the support of teaching and learning in CAT classrooms and the support of learners who may require additional resources to work with on their own.

The screencasts are intended to be short Mindset Learnet Learn - the process of developing teaching and learning support resources for Grade 10, 11 and 12 CAT. The screencasts will provide a handy set of references to look up or revise basic steps as outlined in the CAPS topics. They will be hosted as online tutorials and cross-referenced in other media of the CAT project, especially the interactive multimedia. They must be stand alone units that are completely self explanatory.

Screencasts must support teachers and learners in the following ways:

  • Screencasts provide quick guides to teachers and learners alike;
  • Screencasts provide alternative methods that teachers can follow;
  • Screencasts give some examples of how to contextualise the teaching of CAT, where applicable;
  • Screencasts provide numerous content-based examples to assist teachers in explaining important concepts;
  • Screencasts provide quick summaries of the content learners need to know;
  • Video lessons offer clear explanations to assist learners in their understanding of small unit concepts;
  • Screencasts provide ideal revision units for learners.

There will be 470 - 500 screencasts to cover the entire curriculum for Grades 10 - 12 CAT. The screencasts will be made in MS 2010 and Openoffice, and will be between two and five minutes long. The average length is estimated at 2.5 minutes. Mindset will also access and upload some google docs examples independently. The grade, curriculum section and screencast title will be included in the screencast title. A summary is provided in table 1.
Table 1: Sections of CAT content to be covered in screencasts

Series Totals (MS 2010 only) Numbers for Open Office
Grade 10 Solutions Development 75 74
Grade 11 Solutions Development 100 76
Grade 12 Solutions Development 25 25
Grade 10 Systems Technologies 22 0
Grade 11 Systems Technologies 10 0
Grade 12 Systems Technologies 19 0
All grades Information Management 9 9
All grades Internet Technologies 26 0
These are planned numbers; actual numbers may go up or down slightly, upon final production 286 184


  • Using the brief and list of titles and topics provided, as well as the allocation per service provider, design accurate content for each screencast and design documents with which to demonstrate the steps. Each lesson must consist of a document or similar real-life example, displayed on screen, and used to demonstrate the required steps. Example must be appropriate to the content, and the grade and language level required and must suit Southern African learners. Prepare commentary/script to suit the screencast.
  • Prepare and produce the screencasts according to the list of titles and topics provided, including style requirements such as ‘call outs’, highlighting and similar. Save a local copy of each screencast using the naming convention provided and convert to mp4 (all possible from within the screencast application), before uploading to a specified Dropbox folder. Provide commentary during the screencast production. There must be no background noise. 
  • Adjust and/or correct screencasts after review, if necessary, before submitting final versions.


  • Thoroughly au fait with the CAPS CAT curriculum;
  • Master user of MS Office 2010 and able to research difference that are planned for MS Office 2013;
  • Master user of Openoffice;
  • Ability to use a designated, online screencast application (probably Screencast-o-matic), which only works well with fast internet access
  • Willingness to use a suitable anti-virus application and own computer
  • Ability to produce about 100 screencasts, depending on sections allocated, at a rate of no fewer than 20 every 3 weeks.

Mindset Learn will provide the following:

  • General brief to service providers, to indicate how to base each lesson on a specific context or example of the types of documents to prepare prior to screencast recording, and the style requirements for all screencasts;
  • Brief for each screencast, indicating title, curriculum topic(s) to be included in each video, in the form of a list;
  • Support during the production of screencasts;
  • Mindset will also provide the opening sequence, subject colours, a standard title and a lesson title slate.

Timelines and Payment

Delivery dates Budget
Produce up to 100 screen casts, with correct content, all correct and required steps and information, according to brief and style guide   Budget per Screen cast is negotiable
Payment will be made, on presentation of a tax invoice, after final upload of each batch.
20 in each batch by: 12 Dec 2013  
  10 Jan 2014  

To apply, submit, click here and fill in the required details.

Should you not be contacted in 10 days please consider your application unsuccessful.

Please quote the source of this advertisement in your application - NGO Pulse Portal.

For more about Mindset Network, refer to www.mindset.co.za.

For other vacancies in the NGO sector, refer to www.ngopulse.org/vacancies.

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