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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Saturday, 15 June, 2013
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The Maths Centre for Professional Teachers, popularly known as the ‘Maths Centre’, is a nonprofit organisation of excellence in mathematics, science, technology and entrepreneurship education, spread across all provinces. The primary objective of Maths Centre is to equip teachers, learners and parents with learning materials and programmes in order to develop a higher competency and performance.

Maths Centre seeks to appoint a Human Resources (HR) Administrator, based in Joahnnesburg.

You must have a very highly developed self-managed and disciplined efficiency, responsibility, and initiative sense and skills as well as the relevant HR qualifications/experience.
Time and resource management - dimensions: quantitative aspects, key deliverables

  • Manages and oversees the entire recruitment and selection process, appointments and the induction process;
  • Provide support to managers in the recruitment of staff using the R&S process;
  • Utilising best practice techniques, seeks approval for filling of vacancy, advertises or appoints agency, screens candidates;
  • Show all admin staff how to tabulate long list for the unit managers who can then short list and interview;
  • Organise interviews, reference check and other validations;
  • Manager makes offer, drafts letter of appointment, prepares induction pack and co-ordinates induction program;
  • Receive, check and file induction reports;
  • Sift and filter carefully before involving ED and the SMT.

Skills analysis

  • Act as a named skills development facilitator for the Maths Centre;
  • Ensure that all managers conduct a skills analysis for all employees as required by the workplace skills plan for ETDPSETA;
  • Compile Workplace Skills Plan;
  • Compiles and submits Training report to the ETDPSETA;
  • Compiles and submits Employment Equity plan.

Training and development: your line manager will support you with this

  • Put together a functional training committee;
  • To collate from the Skills analysis, critical skills priorities required by the Centre, leadership and management training;
  • Arrange all training for critical skills such as communications, conflict resolution management development, management of change, team building etc. using skills levy funds. Training could be internal or external;
  • Training needs identification and submission for discretionary grants and mandatory grants.

Statutory compliance and governance labour relations

  • Issue and maintain all employee contracts, letters of appointment;
  • Support the line manager to respond to resignation letters, warning letters, CCMA communications etc;
  • Ensure that all statutory compliances are adhered to LRA etc;
  • Ensure that employment contracts are extended and or terminated within prescribed timeframes;
  • Ensure compliance with Health and Safety requirements through employees training.
  • Maths Centre has LRA compliant disciplinary and grievance procedures in place;
  • Your job is to ensure that the procedures are followed by managers;
  • Ensure that all employees are informed and have access to the disciplinary and grievance procedure.

Policies and procedures

  • To ensure that managers hold sessions regarding HR policies;
  • Understand the HR policy in detail and support managers to adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines;
  • Ensure that Managers support their staff to understand benefits from policies and procedures.

Welfare (Employee Assistance Programme)

  • Ensure that the employee assistant programme (EAP) is accessible to all employees;
  • Provide through EAP an environment that is conducive to promoting the emotional and social well- being of all employees in partnership with the line manager.


  • Excellent maturity level;
  • Have an excellent controlled system of organising own day;
  • Take self-responsibility and not wait “to be told” what to do;
  • Ability to manage time very efficiently;
  • Sensitive disposition - responds with compassionate and kind words to an upset person. Offers appropriate support;
  • Show initiative. Participate in discussions and dialogue. Silence and cold hard looks can be interpreted very negatively at a work place;
  • Microsoft office technology systems to be learnt and used in all their dimensions;
  • Responsiveness to Unit Manager’s daily needs;     
  • Be willing to learn fast for meeting the task needs as well as for self-growth;
  • Huge sense of responsibility and initiative required;
  • Thoroughness, accuracy and reliability in all tasks;                      
  • Know the difference between ‘urgent’ and ‘important’;
  • Be able to find information and organise it in a sensible manner;
  • Have a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude;
  • Feel that ‘Completing the task in hand’ is more important rather than ‘run out of time’
  • Problem solving, analysis and judgment;   
  • As problems arise within the course of a day, be able to think on her/his feet, make decisions until such time as consultation with the Unit/Provincial Manager has happened;
  • Ability to manage external communication extremely well;
  • Excellent telephone manner;
  • Amicable temperament;
  • Be a team person;                       
  • Personable presence.

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