AFSA: Appointment of a Consultant to provide training within the Adolescent Girls and Young Women Program

AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA )
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 20 October, 2021
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals


Reference:  GLO02REQ02938
Application deadline: 20 October 2021

*AFSA reserves the right to amend this document or to cancel this call, for any reason*

Note: This Terms of Reference has been previously advertised using reference GLO02REQ02938. All applicants who have applied previously are strongly encouraged to re-apply. If you have any queries or comments regarding the readvertisement, kindly forward them to
Table of Contents


AFSA                           AIDS Foundation of South Africa
AGYW                         Adolescent Girls and Young Women
AIDS                            Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ART                             Anti-Retroviral Therapy
CRS                             Community Systems and Responses
GBV                             Gender Based Violence
GF                               The Global Fund
HIV                              Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HR                               Human Rights
HRWG                         Human Rights Working Group
KVP                              Key and Vulnerable Population(s)
LEA                              Law Enforcement Agents
LGBTQIA+                    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, + all people who have non-normative gender identity or sexual orientation
M&E                            Monitoring and Evaluation
NDoH                          National Department of Health
NSP                             National Strategic Plan
QA                               Quality Assurance
SR                               Sub-Recipient
SSR                             Sub-sub-recipient
STIs                             Sexually Transmitted Infections
TB                                Tuberculosis
TCC                             Thuthuzela Care Centre

1. Introduction and Background

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is a Durban-based NGO that acts as an interface between Donors and Community Based Organisations (CBO’s). AFSA is one of four Principal Recipients (PRs) currently implementing Global Fund (GF) supported programmes in South Africa for the April 2019 to March 2022 grant period. By placing donor funds with strategically selected CBO’s, AFSA currently provides ongoing, technical support & capacity building to CBO’s implementing programmes across 25 districts in eight of the nine provinces in South Africa.
Amongst these programmes is the Adolescent Girls and Young Women Programme (AGYW), Men’s HIV prevention programme (MSP), Programme to reduce human rights-related barriers to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) services, also known as the Human Rights Programme, Gender-based programme (Thuthuzela care centres), Advocacy Programme, Community based /led monitoring and Community Response Systems (CRS) Programme.

The Adolescent Girls and Young Women Program provides a tailored combination prevention package aimed to effect risk reduction, behaviour change, and empowerment for AGYW aged 15 to 24 years to make healthy choices.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the predominant challenges in reducing HIV incidents among Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) within South African societies. Structural inequalities, from South African’s Healthcare system to social security, have now being exposed.

It is upon this background that AFSA seeks to appoint a consultant to provide training to Adolescent girls and Young Women within the context of COVID-19.

2. The Role of the Consultant

Table 1: Timelines

Focus Activity Deliverable Timelines
1. Project Coordination Develop and submit a project plan for all planned trainings and workshops during the specified period. Include participants manual for each training to be Once Off
2. Facilitate workshops/training Prepare training material and content using available toolkit and other relevant material. On-going
Administer pre and post assessment surveys/ exercises for participants. Once Off
Work with AFSA Administrators to coordinate all logistical requirements for the trainings. On-going
Lead facilitation of respective trainings. On-going
Develop a concept note. Once Off
4. Documentation Develop pre and post assessment surveys/ exercises for participants. Once Off
Produce a detailed report on the outcomes of each training. The report must include and overview on the demographics of participants, results from pre and post assessments, narrative of the level of participation, and recommendations for program implementation and sustainable relationships between LEAs and other civil society organisations and service providers per district On-going
Conduct an overall assessment of the project with clear gaps, challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for future activities. Submit final report.
5. Administration Keep a record and manage budget for each activity requiring budget allocation.
Keep and update an organized record of key documents for administrative and auditing purposes.


3.1. Social / Structural Services

Code Training Topic Training Description No. Of Trainers Total number of trainings
B1 Community-based adolescent friendly services (CASS)
  • Management System Support for the effective provision of adolescent and youth friendly health services.
  • Policies and processes that support the rights of adolescents.
  • Appropriate adolescent health services are available and accessible.
  • The clinic has a physical environment conducive to the provision of adolescent friendly health services.
  • The clinic has adequate drugs, supplies and equipment necessary to provide the essential service package for youth-friendly healthcare.
  • Provision of relevant information, education, and communication (IEC) promoting behaviour change and consistent with the YFS essential service package.
  • Systems in place to train and develop staff to provide effective adolescent-friendly health services.
  • Adolescents receive adequate psycho-social and physical assessments.
  • Adolescents receive individualised care based on standard case management guidelines/protocols.
  • The clinic provides continuity of care for adolescents: proper referral systems are in place.
1 1 8
B2 GBV Court Preparation
  • Provide TOT training to TCCs on GBV and Court preparation.
  • Provide Technical support.
  • Develop IEC material.
  • Have a broad understanding of Thuthuzela Care Centre and Designated Centre.
  • Provide continuous field support.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the South African Judicial System.
1 1 8
B3 Economic Strengthening and Livelihoods
  • The livelihoods project aims to support vulnerable young women make a smooth transition to the Labour market. The ESL Programme has three key domains:

   1. Livelihood Skills
   2. Livelihood Opportunity
   3. Livelihood Support

1 1 Per program requirement-
Quote for 1
B4 Accredited Computer Skills
  • End User Computing NQF 4
1 1 8
B5 Accredited Driver’s License Skills
  • Must be a registered driving school.
  • Assist Learners with acquiring a learner’s permit
  • Provide Driving lessons
  • Ability to support the AGYW through the process of attaining a valid driver’s license.
1 1 Per program requirement-
Quote for 1
B6 Youth Leadership
  • Develop a structured training manual to provide trainings to AGYW.
  • To develop structure clubs for AGYW to ensure.
  • Personal Growth prepare for effective leadership through the exposure to a series of activities that promote healthy self-esteem.
  • Building Resiliency.
  • Provide academic success and career awareness to have successful academic performance in preparation for postsecondary education.
  • Community Involvement.
  • Financial Literacy.
1 1 8
B7 Community Dialogues
  • Develop a standardized community dialogue manual
  • Demonstrate broad understanding in community work
  • Ability to engage effectively with various stakeholders
  • Community action
  • Community education
1 1


4. Minimum Requirements of Trainers

  • University Degree or Tertiary Qualification in Education; Masters will be an added advantage
  • At least 10 years’ professional experience of professional experience for Level 2 Trainer in the field of Education and Training development, including conducting of situational analysis, formulating module outcomes, determining the assessment and moderation strategy, developing learning materials and developing learner as well as facilitators’ guides
  • At least 5 years’ experience working on issues related to AGYW HIV Prevention, Sexual and gender-based violence, gender and sexuality, HIV/AIDS and TB related work
  • Analytical English writing skills and ability to synthesise complex information and issues
  • Proven experience in stakeholder engagement; including government, civil society and community workers
  • Ability to plan, coordinate, manage and facilitate high-level meetings
  • Ability to work effectively with others 
  • Availability to start immediately, upon signature of contract.

5. Required Documents

IMPORTANT: Documents listed in the table below must be submitted as one pdf file and, in the order, shown. Insert a blank page, with appropriate label & mark it “NOT SUBMITTED” to indicate documents not submitted. AFSA will not be responsible for documents misplaced during file transmission -if this step is not adhered to.

*DOC-01 Motivation /cover letter, with full contact details: indicate reference number & position/s applying for. Attach this page onto the motivation letter. You may apply for 1 or more positions. If applying for more than 1 position, indicate in the motivation letter, but make 1 submission. Ensure documents submitted are adequate to evaluate all positions you are applying for. If successful on some positions and not others, the application will still be regarded as successful for that specific position.
Indicate trainer position/s applying for, by marking with a “X”. Attach this page onto the motivation letter.
B1:  Community-based Adolescent-friendly Services   B6: Youth Leadership  
B2: GBV Court Preparation   B7: Community Dialogues  
B3: Economic Strengthening and Livelihoods      
B4: Accredited Computer Skills      
B5: Accredited Driver’s License Skills      
*DOC-02 A declaration confirming the absence of any conflict of interest; or alternatively a
declaration stating any existing relationship with AFSA employees or Directors. This document is available on page 12 of this document.
*DOC-03 Two – five-page proposal.
*DOC-04 Implementation plans and sample of training manuals
*DOC-05 CV of trainers, including 2-3 contactable references.
*DOC-06 Sole Proprietor: Certified copy of identity document (If non-South African: attach work permit).
Company: Company or trading entity registration certificate.
*DOC-07 Qualification documents (Degree certificates etc.).
Any certificates /recognition of achievements related to the advertised assignment
*DOC-08 A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
DOC-09 VAT vendor registration -recommended. Applicable to companies.
DOC-10 Table listing relevant current and completed assignments /projects, in the last 5 years.
DOC-12 Two examples of relevant recent (last 5 years) work: report/ proposal /article /etc.
DOC-12 B-BBEE status level verification certificate (unless trading below the prescribed
threshold) -attach affidavit. Applicable to companies.
*DOC-13 Costing: Proposed rate (per day)

*Documents marked with asterisk* are mandatory. Applications missing these documents may be disqualified. Documents are valid only if obtained /certified within 3months of closing date. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

6. Evaluation Criteria- Stages

Stage 1: Administrative compliance: If some mandatory documents are missing, application may be disqualified.
Stage 2: Minimum qualifications: If minimum qualifications were not met, application will be unsuccessful, and no further evaluation will be conducted.
If applicant is proposing a unique programme they developed and successfully implemented, they may be eligible for moving to stage 3, without necessarily meeting Stage 2 requirements as stated above. Submitting DOC-10 is important.
Stage 3: Technical qualifications /experience: proposal and supporting documents will be assessed and scored accordingly. Minimum score of 60% is required to move to next evaluation stage.
Stage 4: Costing: Proposals will be scored, with cheapest scoring maximum score. If B-BBEE score was required and submitted, it will be factored (80/20 rule) into final cost assessment. If it was not required, it will be excluded from this scoring. AFSA is not obligated to prioritise costing over technical integrity of the applicant, and as such will not automatically select the lowest application.

7. Technical Evaluation Criteria and score 

ELEMENT Maximum Score
Extensive experience in developing training material that is focused on real life, immediate problems rather than on theoretical situations with evidence for University Degree or Tertiary Qualification in Education; Masters will be an added advantage. This does not apply to B5 10
Proven knowledge and experience in the field of Education and Training development Level 2 Trainer should have 10 years’ experience. Conducting of situational analysis, formulating module outcomes, determining the assessment and moderation strategy, developing learning materials and developing learner as well as facilitators’ guides. This does not apply to B5 10
At least 5 years’ experience working on issues related to AGYW HIV Prevention, Sexual and gender-based violence, gender and sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and TB related work 10
Proven experience in stakeholder engagement; including government, civil society, and community workers. 10
Ability to demonstrate management and experience in working with critical stakeholders such as Department Education, Department of Health and Department of Social Development 10
Presentation: knowledge on the subject & responding to questions (10), implementation methodology & proposed team structure (10), presentation /slides /communication skills (5), innovation aligned to COVID-19 restrictions /protocol (5). 30
Cost. Provide daily rate, inclusive of all training /management /coordination fees, etc. Provide breakdown of what constitutes your daily rate, with notes /justification. Exclude VAT & travel logistics /accommodation, because AFSA makes these arrangements where applicable. Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, and 80/20 rule, may be applied when scoring B-BBEE and quoted price. DOC-13
*You are not required to provide total cost of this project, because this will depend on assignment assigned at the time. *
Total (80% technical score and 20% price score) 100

8. Deliverables, remuneration, and institutional arrangements

  • The trainer should provide daily rates which will be applied for the duration of this training.
  • AFSA will pay directly for travel logistics to activities, using standard AFSA procurement policies; so, these are to be excluded from quote.
  • The trainer is expected to provide their own work tools (laptop, cell phone, airtime /data, and other basic work tools related to the training).
  • Payment will be based on review and acceptance of the completed deliverables presented with required contractor paperwork /supporting documents.
  • This consultant will work under the supervision of an AFSA AGYW Manager and will also interact with project staff and stakeholders in various districts. The trainer will be home-based but expected to regard Durban AFSA office as main project site, and thus any travel to meetings at the Durban office will be at the consultant costs.
  • Important: project /assignment will be considered successfully completed after submission and approval of final product /deliverable /milestone. Some deliverables require final approval /sign-off by multiple stakeholders. If several revisions are required to produce acceptable quality, costs of these revisions are to be borne by the service provider/ consultant.
  • Before any work can start, AFSA will issue a contract and purchase order. Before each activity /assignment starts, AFSA will request a quotation, and confirm assignment by issuing a written confirmation /acceptance of quotation before the assignment is undertaken. Failure to comply to this requirement invalidates any claims made against the contract.

9. Application Process 

  • Suitably qualified service providers /consultants are required to submit an application to with this reference: “GLO02REQ02938” on the subject line, by 20 October 2021 at 23h00.
  • All enquiries are to be submitted in writing only to, with subject line clearly marked “GLO02REQ02938. Responses (Q&A) will be posted on AFSA website 4 days before the closing date. 

*If you are not contacted with 45 days of closing date, please consider your submission unsuccessful. *

DOC 02

Please respond to the following questions, by placing an “X” on your response.
If you require additional space to complete a response, please continue your response on a separate page and sign and date that page.
1) Do you or any of your immediate family members have any financial interest in the work of the AIDS Foundation of South Africa?
Yes: _____No: _____
If you have responded “yes”, please give details in the box below sufficient for AFSA to evaluate the situation, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • If the financial interest relates to a role held at an organization, please list the name of the organization, the role held at the organization (such as employee, consultant, or board member), the work performed in the role, and the dates during which the role was held.
  • If the financial interest relates to an ownership interest, please describe the nature and amount of the interest owned, the duration for which the interest has been held, and any other relevant information.

2) Have you or an immediate family member had a professional relationship with an organization subject to a diagnostic review, audit, investigation, or similar activity by AFSA, or been personally subject to an investigation by AFSA? Has there ever been an investigation by any other authority against you, your immediate family members, or an organization to which you have a professional relationship?
Yes: _____No: ______
If you have responded “yes”, please describe relevant information in the box below, including, as applicable:

  • The organization involved.
  • The role and tile held (such as employee, consultant, or Board member), whether the role was held by you or by an immediate family member, and the dates when the role was held.
  • The work performed, and whether the role involved working on, managing, or overseeing matters involving AFSA.
  • The investigating authority
  • The focus of the investigation or other action
  • The outcome or resolution of the investigation or other action (such as findings of fraud or misuse of funds).

3) Have you or any of your immediate family members been involved in a legal dispute with AFSA or its grant recipients, or are you currently involved in any other legal dispute that could have a real or perceived effect on your duties at AFSA?
Yes: ____No: _____
If you have responded “yes”, please give details in the box below on the nature of the dispute, the parties involved, and, as applicable, the status of the dispute or how and when the dispute was resolved.
Note: This question is intended to only address legal disputes that could have a real or perceived effect on your ability to work with the best interests of AFSA in mind. Therefore, any legal issues you may have experienced relating to your gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, disease status, activities as a sex worker or drug user, or activities associated with advocacy for social, political or human rights issues do not need to be disclosed here. For the legal disputes disclosed here, you may provide any background you deem relevant.

4) Do you or any of your immediate family members or business associates have any relations with AFSA Sub-recipients, Donors, Partners, Suppliers or Contractors?
Yes: _____No: _____
If you have responded “yes”, please give details in the box below sufficient for AFSA to evaluate the situation:
5) Do you or any of your immediate family members or business associates have any relations with AFSA?
Yes: _____No: _____
If you have responded “yes”, please give details in the box below sufficient for AFSA to evaluate the situation:

6) Is there anything else not captured in the questions above that could affect your objectivity or independence in the performance of your duties for AFSA, or in your opinion, the perception by others of your objectivity and independence?
Yes: ____No: ____
If you have responded “yes”, please give details in the box below sufficient for AFSA to evaluate the situation.

In signing this Form, I, the undersigned, __________________________________ hereby confirm:

i. That the information which I disclose in this Declaration of Interest Form is correct and complete.
ii. That in the event of a material change to the information provided, I shall advise the AFSA Chairperson and/or CEO immediately of the situation consisting of a conflict of interest or that which could give rise to a conflict of interest and undertake to update the information in this Declaration Form in the event of these circumstances and, in any event, at least annually.
iii. That I have not made, and will not make, any offer of any type whatsoever from which a personal advantage can be derived from my involvement or employment with AFSA.
iv. That I understand that AFSA reserves the right to verify this information and that I am aware of the consequences which may derive from any false declaration in respect of the information required by AFSA.

       Signature:                                                                                    Date:
_________________________________________________     __________________
Name (please print):                                                                     Title (please print):
__________________________________________________   __________________

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