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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Monday, 30 September, 2019
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The incumbent will be responsible for the overall management and oversight of the projects’ Educational, Skills Development and Learn to Work functional Departments. These departments service the basic educational and vocational skills training needs of the beneficiary children and youth. These are therefore independent functioning operational units within the Project, however their programmes and curriculum are interdependent and interrelated in order to contribute to overall educational development and empowerment of the beneficiary. The employee will manage a multi-disciplinary team and carry out all management oversight functions to ensure that each departments’ focus areas are aligned and that departmental operations are streamlined to function efficiently and effectively.

The position requires the employee to have extensive knowledge of and experience in the running of a dual-model school, or any other institution of learning and development.


  • The Youth Academy, which comprises of functional integrated programmes in Adult Education and Training, Life-skills, Vocational, Work Readiness Skills as well as Sports and Recreation. The Youth Academy model is a holistic educational and skills training programme, which focus on the psychosocial, educational; skills development and life skills empowerment of the youth beneficiary.
  • The Junior School offers an integrated learning support model with the framework of the basic educational curriculum and prescribed special needs educational standards for challenged learners. The Junior School model is designed as a bridging special educational needs programme to support and prepare learners for placement into formal or special needs schools.
  • The Community School Outreach Learners support programme provides educational support interventions to challenged and marginalised learners who requires school support assistance. The programme aims to offer educational support, sports and life-skills programmes to community children outside of the Youth Academy and Junior School basic educational and skills offerings.
  • The main job functions and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
    • Development of the Youth Academy and Junior School 3-year strategic plans, projected budgets and annual departmental implementation plans;
    • Programme implementation of the Educational, Vocational and Life-skills training programmes courses;
    • Provide guidance and support to the management team in course frameworks and curriculum design;
    • Develop and approve the Programmes educational and skills training quarterly plans, time-tables and facilitators schedules;
    • Ensure that all lesson plans and master-files for all learning subjects and skills courses are in place, reviewed and updated on a regular basis;
    • Verify and sign off Individual Educational Development Plans as prepared by the Multi-disciplinary team – This would apply for all learners in the Junior School and Youth Academy;
    • Develop and manage the respective staffs’ development plans, capacity building and job performance evaluations;  
    • Ensure an effective system is in place to update and maintain all learning records, progress reports and learner assessments;
    • Ensure regular engagement and interaction with all internal and external stakeholders;
    • Direct and manage all public awareness activities and events relating to the Youth Academy’s’ annual learner intake recruitment and selection processes;
    • Oversee the learner recruitment and selection process;
    • Build and maintain relationships with relevant Local government, Provincial and National authorities;
    • Ensure that the respective Youth Academy and Junior Schools are registered and accredited with all relevant statutory & regulatory educational and institutions of learning bodies;
    • Take full responsibility and ensure that all legal and compliance matters are adhered to;
    • Represent the Project in all educational and skills development related external forums and networks;   
    • Monitor and track expenditure across all assigned Departments;
    • Research and provide input for continuous improvement of the standard courses/programmes to the meet the  beneficiaries educational and skills training needs;
    • Ensure that the implementation of the  integrated curriculum and assessment components are actioned as planned by all departmental managers;
    • Secure financial, learning material and equipment donations from local public and private sector partners;
    • Approve expenditure for learning materials, learner-specific expenditure, equipment, supplies and staff development and training;
    • Draft and ensure revision of policies and procedures specific and relating to all educational and skills training programme areas;
    • Supervise, Plan and Manage the resources (Human & Financial) of the inter-related Departments;
    • Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation;
    • Co-ordinate and direct the collection of multiple data sources and information specific to the programmes;
    • Prepare and conduct presentations;
    • Prepare performance reports as aligned to the Organisational Reporting Schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually);
    • Lead the learner Orientation and Induction programmes actioned by the Multi-disciplinary team;
    • Serve as the Chairperson for the Youth Academy and the Juniors’ Learners Support Committee responsible for weekly/monthly learner assessments and evaluations;
    • With all the relevant managers and facilitators host the quarterly parents’ meetings for both the Youth Academy and Junior Schools;
    • Plan and coordinate the Project annual graduation ceremonies and public open day school events;
    • Prepare all content material as and when required for newspaper articles, newsletters, website updates etc.


  • A degree in the field of Education or related field;
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in a similar educational and/or further education and skills training environment;
  • Proven senior level management experience in managing and leading a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Sound understanding of the South African Education regulatory environment;
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Local, Provincial and National Government Educational structures and systems;
  • Dual educational and vocational skills training experience in a school/learning institution environment will be advantageous;
  • Comprehensive understanding of school management and budget planning;
  • Valid drivers’ licence and own vehicle essential;
  • Understanding and background in working with academically challenged children and youth from diverse backgrounds;
  • High degree of analytical & numerate skills;
  • Be open to alternative approaches and methodologies to education and training;
  • Proven writing skills to produce qualitative monitoring and performance reports;
  • Highly computer literate, with excellent electronic report writing skills.
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills;
  • Willingness to participate in planned weekend events/sports and holiday programmes for the learners;
  • Excellent team and resource mobilization skills;
  • Ability to motivate people;
  • Passion for development
  • Ability to multitask;
  • Ability to remain attentive in an often-busy environment;
  • Be naturally calm and focused;
  • Be versatile if participation in other types of activity if required;
  • Ability to resolve and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion;
  • Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully;
  • Genuine commitment to team work and the collective effort to bring about positive and impactful educational and skills development in children and youth.
  • Employee & job behavioural competencies: 
    • Results Focussed;
    • Ability to mobilize limited resources;
    • Innovation & Creativity;
    • Building alliances & fostering relations;
    • Strategic Thinking;
    • Organisational Resilience;
    • Developing self and others;
    • Communication;
    • Community Awareness;
    • Sound Judgment & Problem-Solving Skills;
    • Initiative; Leadership;
    • Emotional Wisdom; Stress Tolerance; Self Confidence; Empowerment and Development focused; Empathetic; Results-driven

A competitive market related salary will be offered based on qualifications and experience. Shortlisted applicants will be expected to undergo a panel interview and required psychometric assessments.

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