Conservation SA: External Project Evaluation - Conserving Kamiesberg Communal Lands, Namakwa District, Northern Cape

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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 31 July, 2019
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals


Conservation South Africa believes “People need nature to thrive “, and so its work seeks to promote and support conservation, restoration, and sustainable land use in South Africa’s Hotspots as an essential element of food security and land reform, human and economic development, and building resilience to the impacts of climate change. CSA helps local communities protect these natural habitats that support their livelihoods by helping them to acquire skills and implement initiatives help protect nature and counteract the effects of climate change and other activities that negatively affect livelihoods and put species at risk of extinction.

Conservation South Africa’s (CSA) Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) works with communities who agree to protect their natural resources, as well as the benefits they provide, in exchange for a steady stream of compensation from investors. This approach helps conserve biodiversity while improving the quality of life for local communities. In Namaqualand CSA have been implementing the CSP model in four villages in the Kamiesberg and two villages in the Steinkopf area. The Kamiesberg section for stewardship has been funded by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWFSA).  As the project is wrapping up, the donor requires an external audit of the efficacy of the project.

CSA is seeking the services of an external auditor to evaluate the performance of the Landscapes and Livelihoods project which ran from  1 July 2017 to   30 June 2019 against the objectives and outputs listed below:

Project objectives

  1.  Support Department of Environment and Nature Conservation (DENC) and the Kamiesberg Municipality to design a formal mechanism(s) for creating conservation areas and improving ecosystem resilience in priority areas on communal lands within the Kamiesberg Municipality particularly focusing on the Leslie Hill Succulent Trust Fund Kamiesberg Upland and Greater Namaqua National Park geographies (#15 and #16 in the Northern Cape Protected Areas Expansion Strategy).
  2. Build and transition capacity from Conservation South Africa to the Kamiesberg Municipality, by hiring and mentoring a Kamiesberg Municipality Commonage Conservation Officer. Key skills that will be tested will be on negotiation, implementation, and monitoring of conservation agreements, for biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development goals.
  3. Directly improve management for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem resilience on 151 325 ha of communal lands through:
  • Investigating  the formal proclamation of a Protected Environment for the Roodebergskloof Farm in the Three Peaks Conservancy with DENC; and
  • Embedding formal conservation agreements into the Municipal Commonage Management system for 75% of the broader Leliefontein Commonage.

     4. Integrate specific lessons into a Kamiesberg Municipality Commonage Conservation and Restoration Toolkit.  

Project Outputs:

  1.  Approximately 100 000 ha signed under new conservation agreements that improve management for biodiversity and water catchment;
  2. Approximately 800 ha of wetlands, or riparian areas, that contain some of the highest species diversity in these landscapes, are maintained;
  3. 150 farmers in 5 communities engaged in conservation management agreements with Conservation South Africa and moving towards sustainability;
  4. 70 individuals from the Kamiesberg Commonage communities are trained in restoration work and are supported to implement restoration activities in priority areas;
  5. A Kamiesberg Municipal Commonage Conservation and Restoration Toolkit developed by the participants of the Kamiesberg Communal Stewardship Forum;
  6. A skills assessment relevant for stewardship management completed and tailor-made training programme for municipal officials and community leadership designed and piloted with at least 15 local leaders.

 Scope of Work for Final Evaluation:

Reporting to the Namaqualand Landscape Director, Ronald Newman, the appointed Evaluator will be responsible drafting and submitting a report to Conservation South Africa (CSA)  in accordance with the criteria provided.

The final report should account for the entire duration of the Project, 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2019.  Information should be presented in the following sequence:

  1. Project summary
  2. Description of  the conservation impacts achieved
  3. Evaluate the achievement of the objectives and the intended results and outputs not achieved.
  4. Describe any lessons learned and provide recommendations.
  5. Provide a statement of conclusion which summarizes the completion and conservation value of the project.

The following questions should also be considered while undertaking the evaluation:

  1. To what extent did the project contribute to growth of capacity and will in the Kamiesberg Municipality’s capacity to embed conservation stewardship into Kamiesberg Commonage Management?
  2. To what extent did the project contribute towards the improved management of the Leslie Hill Succulent Trust Fund geographical priories #15 and #16?
  3. To what extent can the restoration plan/ toolkit be used in the Kamiesberg or other stakeholders outside of the Kamiesberg Municipal boundaries.
  4. What is the impact of the project on the conservation of the Succulent Karoo vegetation?
  5. Is the project achieving stated results at a reasonable cost?  E.g. Stewardship costs vs. Purchase?
  6. Are the activities and impacts likely to continue after the project ends, if not then provide recommendations
  7. Are aspects of the project, that are deemed successful, likely to be replicated elsewhere?


  1. Study of WWF reports, tools developed and other documentation
  2. Interviews with implementers and role players as required by consultant

 Information to be supplied tothe successful bidder

  • Original Project Application
  • All WWF Reports
  • GIS Shape Files of properties assessed and engaged by the Project
  • Any project outputs which resulted in documentation: Lessons Learned Reports, Results of Socio-Economic Survey Reports, Kamiesberg Municipal Commonage Conservation and Restoration plan/Toolkit, Conservation Stewardship Agreement; Municipal engagement documents and reviews on commonage legislation
  • Contact details for all project implementers and project partners.

 Timing of the Final Evaluation Report

It is expected that this evaluation will commence with the signing of a Service Level Agreement between CSA and the preferred service provider and should be completed by the 28 August 2019, to allow two weeks before submitting to WWF South Africa. A meeting to present the final product to Conservation South Africa and the relevant partners must be scheduled.


Should you wish to apply to this Request for Proposal, please submit the following documents to with the reference KCSP/EVAL in the subject line by no later than 12pm (midday) on 31 July 2019:

  • Company Profile or Curriculum Vitae that includes qualifications, experience and capacity of the applicant.
  • At least three examples of supporting evidence of previous work done.
  • A project work outline for achieving the deliverables as set out in the above tasks.
  • Detailed budget for the work including fees, number of days, travel, accommodation, vat and other disbursements as individual line items.
  • Proof of registration (Company) or valid South African Identity Document.

Please email any enquiries to
Applicants who have received no response within 14 days of the closing should kindly assume that their proposal was unsuccessful.

CSA reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions with the successful bidder/s or not to engage technical support at all if applicants are not of a required standard and qualification or if the bid is unsuccessful.

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