SANAC: Hosting, Maintenance and Support for the existing DHIS 2-based Focus for Impact web-application platform

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Monday, 22 July, 2019
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Hosting, Maintenance and Support for the existing DHIS 2-based Focus for Impact web-application platform

A. Background

South Africa’s response to Human Immmunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Tuberculosis (TB) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is guided by its National Strategic Plan (NSP). The fourth NSP, for the period 2017 to 2022, seeks to address the multiple factors that contribute to the persistent high rates of HIV, TB and STI infection, illness and related deaths.

The Focus For Impact (FFI) approach is at the heart of the NSP. This approach represents an innovative way to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with HIV and TB and morbidity from STIs by designing and packaging appropriate interventions that target the areas with the highest disease burden and populations that are disproportionately at risk of new infection.

One of the tools used to support the coordination and decision-making is the Focus for Impact web-application. To date, extensive progress has been made in the development of this District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2) based web-application. This application is used by decision-makers from government, donor funders and civil society to support decision-making in the response.

B. Purpose  

The purpose of the assignement is to hosting, maintaining and supporting for the existing DHIS2-based Focus for Impact (FFI) web-application platform, for a period of six (6) months.

1. The Objectives of the Terms of Reference for the Service Provider are:

  • To provide maintenance and support services for the existing DHIS 2-based FFI web-application platform.  
  • To provide fully-managed data warehouse hosting, with elastic scaling of storage, that is highly secure and able to backup and restore.
  • To provide On-going Support Services including user training for the SANAC Trust and its stakeholders to ensure optimal utilization of the FFI web-application platform.

2. The Scope of Work for the Service Provider

Under SANAC Trust leadership, the service provider will consistently update, monitor, support, including troubleshooting, and provide overall maintenance to the existing DHIS2 based Focus for Impact web-application. This will amongst others include the following:

  • Provide continuous maintenance and support – facilitate maintenance and support, web server maintenance, FFI platform server maintenance and backup of database, including resolution of errors and bugs; and backup and recovery services; ensuring that the FFI platform is functional, continuously updated and easy to navigate as required by the SANAC Secretariat and its stakeholders within defined turn-around times (turnaround times to be agreed upon between the appointed supplier and the SANAC Secretariat at contract stage).
  • Vendor hosted model – provide hosting, integration, help desk, provisioning and desktop management capabilities.
  • Data integration and support – ensure interface / synchronise / update the different data sources with the FFI platform data warehouse using relevant data user agreements, e.g. through existing Application Programme Interface (API) of the NDoH DHIS 2 system.
  • Software configuration and support – provide system administration / management - monitoring of performance measures, intrusion detection, and error resolution ensuring provision of security measures to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the FFI.
  • Dashboards – develop reporting based on the needs of the various FFI web-application users
  • End User Training - support end-user training and tips to optimize the user experience and update user manuals and online help for use by SANAC Secretariat and its stakeholders
  • On-going Support Services -
    • Onsite support – facilitate system tuning, application configuration, interface issues, report development, network optimization,
    • Online support - provide telephone support, help desk services / troubleshooting, toll-free support line, Online knowledge base (i.e. – how it accesses, who updates it, etc.)
    • Managing Database of User Accounts – managing users access, user roles and privileges, and enrolment of new users
  • Ensure optimal utilization of the FFI platform – support the SANAC Secretariat Units (Strategic Information, NSP Implementation, Resource Mobilisation and Donor Co-ordination, Finance and Procurement and IT) to ensure optimal utilization of the FFI web-application by;
    • Provide monthly updates to the SANAC Secretariat Units on the support and maintenance services provided in the form of a detailed report with timesheets;
    • Meet monthly with the SANAC secretariat units to demonstrate ongoing viability of the web-platform and any improvements and/or adjustments made.

C. Assignment Timelines

For a period of six months from 1 August 2019 to 31 January 2020
D. Quotations to be send to 22 July 2019 at 11h00.

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