CINDI: Best Practice Tender for CINDI’S Cash plus Care project that is funded through KZN Treasury

Children in Distress Network
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 17 July, 2019
Opportunity type: 

Children in Distress Network
Best Practice Tender for CINDI’S Cash plus Care project that is funded through KZN Treasury

Scope of Work:

The suitably qualified service Provider is expected to document CINDI’S Cash Plus Care project that is funded through KZN Treasury. . The overall goal of the Cash plus Care initiative is to generate programmatic evidence to support whether a tailored incentivised behaviour change intervention model will assist in reducing the HIV, TB incidence and unplanned pregnancies and increase health seeking behaviour in young women aged 19 to 24 years by 30th September 2019.

The Cash plus Care intervention is implemented in all five sub-districts of King Cetshwayo District (KCD) namely uMhlathuze, uMlalazi, Mthonjaneni, Nkandla and uMfolozi where 20 000 young women aged 19 – 24 years are enrolled. The selection of beneficiaries is based on the proportionate population of young women at a sub-district level to ensure that data is comparable to measure the change in biomedical, socio-behavioural, structural and vulnerabilities of the selected cohort.

The service provider will document the areas of good practice in collaboration with the implementing groups. The service provider will play a role of a Reviewer of work using appreciative inquiry looking for positive and valuable work components that are replicable, suitable for scale up and appropriate to be taken forward.


  • To develop a case study which identifies areas of best practice within the Cash Plus Care programme


  • A practice paper which details the areas of best practice identified with recommendation for how they can be taken forward in any setting.
  • An article suitable for publication

Tasks of the Assignment

  1. A desktop review of literature, and reports
  2. Development of a youth and adolescence nuanced methodology for collecting best practices.
    • Development of a sampling plan and inclusion criteria for participants and collaborators
    • Development of data collection plan and instruments for collecting best practices (in line with the WHO Guidelines for Identifying and documenting best practices).
    • Development of criteria and attributes for validating best practices using guidelines provided by the WHO (credibility, observability, relevance, relative advantage, easy to install, compatibility and testability)
  3. Best practice primary data collection
    • Observations –
    • Conducting focus group discussions to collect best practice data
    • Conduct interviews with relevant participants, Team Leaders,  
  4. Best practice data analysis and synthesis of findings from literature, focus groups, interviews and observations (field notes)
  5. Data validation: stakeholder engagement
  6.  Writing of practice paper
  7. Writing of an article suitable for publication


  1. Desktop review report
  2. A detailed framework containing methods (a sampling plan and protocols) for identifying and collecting best practices and implementation processes
  3. Validated findings and best practices: Analysis and synthesis
  4. Best practice paper
  5. Article suitable for publication


The contract is expected to commence 1 August 2019 and end 31 September 2019. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Extensive experience in writing and publishing generally and peer reviewed material. Preferably over 5 years’ experience in writing and publishing peer reviewed research.
  • Track record of over 5 years’ experience in teaching research methodology and case study designs.
  • Track record of ability to work with people who are not researchers.
  • An extensive track record of first authored works in peer reviewed publications in the area of management; social research such as poverty alleviation and sustainable development.
  • Track record of published scholarly works in the area of programme implementation.
  • Must have capacity to conduct multivariate analysis such as factor analysis and structural equation modelling and provide evidence in the form of peer reviewed scholarly works detailing their knowledge.
  • Must be an international scholar published in international journals
  • Experience as an editor of scholarly journal in the area of management, social development and economic development
  • Experience in publishing online scholarly works with evidence of such work. 
  • Ability to copy, edit and index the manuscript
  • Support typesetting and designing the manuscript into a publishable book.

For further information please contact Rekha Nathoo at or call on 0333457994. Please note that the deadline for this tender is Wednesday the 17th of July 2017.


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