Conservation SA: Translation, Proofreading, Edit and Lay-out of Stewardship Guidelines Document

Conservation South Africa
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 17 July, 2019
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals


Through a Conservation Stewardship Programme, CSA engages communities in a livelihoods-focused model for conserving ecosystem services, building resilience to climate change and enable sustainable livestock farming. Conservation South Africa has taken the lead over a decade ago in negotiating, signing and implementing conservation stewardship agreements with communal livestock farmers. Over time the programme progressed from signing agreements with individuals to signing umbrella conservation stewardship agreements with organisations of farmers. 

These organisations thus became implementing agents for stewardship themselves by signing agreements with their members and overseeing the roll-out of such agreements. 
To enable these organisations, as well as partner organisations which have expressed interest in the conservation stewardship program as it is implemented on communal lands, to negotiate, design and implement conservation stewardship themselves, Conservation South Africa has drafted a Conservation Stewardship Guidelines for Communal lands.


To proofread, edit and lay-out an existing 37-page Guidelines for Conservation Stewardship to Conservation South Africa. The end-product (the guidelines) should be visually attractive, free of errors, and user-friendly to potential implementation agents of conservation stewardship, with the two main future users regarded as conservation agencies and community-based organisations, and which is publication ready.

CSA will have the rights to the entire publication and its contents.

Scope of Work:

  • Ensure delivery of all the end products meet the deadline
  • CSA to retain full copyright of all products delivered
  • The document must include CSA and donor logo on the front page
  • Ensure attractive Stewardship Guidelines document, with a professional appearance, which is publication ready, of the highest quality
  • Use Conservation International Publishing Guidelines throughout
  • Ensure correct language in both the Afrikaans and English versions
  • Submit the final document in both Word and PDF format

Terms of Reference:

Bring the Conservation Stewardship Guidelines to a publication-ready stage by completing the following:

  • Proofread document provided and make any necessary corrections
  • Edit for clear user-friendly language with conservation agencies and community-based organisations in mind
  • Rework Layout of the document to the publication-ready stage, including the front page, using Conservation International Publications Guidelines and working with the Senior Stewardship Coordinator to select pictures provided by CSA and inserting inappropriate layout.
  • Consult with Namaqualand Landscape Senior Stewardship Coordinator on edits and design


  • Draft 1 with text edits and draft layout by 2 August 2019 to Senior Stewardship Coordinator for inputs
  • Draft 2 integrated inputs from Senior Stewardship Coordinator and submit to Senior Stewardship Coordinator by 12 August
  • The final product for English version -Upon approval from Senior Stewardship Coordinator, complete guidelines and present in a) PDF format and b) Word format to Senior Stewardship Coordinator by 16 August 2019
  • Translated final version to Senior Stewardship Coordinator by 28 August 2019


  • Minimum of five years of experience in proofreading, editing and layout of publications for NGOs
  • Ability to produce examples of previous work
  • Ability to proofread and edit in both English and Afrikaans


Editing, proofreading and layout to the point of the document being publication-ready must be done within 30 days of signing the contract.

Fee proposal:

The applicant is requested to provide a proposal or quotation of the fees/cost for services, which will be rendered.  The fee proposal should consist of a lump sum to proofread, edit and lay-out a guidelines document, which will:

  • Not exceed R25 000 ZAR
  • Include all proofreading, editing and layout work
  • Include translating the document from English to Afrikaans which is grammatically correct 
  • Include a number of working days
  • Any other miscellaneous cost

 Payment Schedule:

  • 50% on Senior Stewardship Coordinator signing off on 2nd draft
  • 50% on Senior Stewardship Coordinator signing of translated document and final versions of both the Afrikaans and English document

 Requirements for Proposals:

Interested parties should submit a short (two page max) motivation addressing the scope of work and to include the following appendices to Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

  • A CV including details of the service provider or team, relevant skills and previous experience 
  • A work plan including proposed start and completion date with time frames for deliverables and estimated costs against which payments can be made
  • A current tax clearance certificate
  • A current BBBEE certificate or affidavit
  • A detailed budget for the work including fees, number of days, and other disbursements as individual line items 

Note: This contract is donor-funded and thus reasonableness of cost will be a factor in the selection of the successful proposal

Upon approval of the proposal, the successful service provider will be required to sign a service contract.

Questions and requests for copies of the current  Guidelines for Conservation Stewardship to Conservation South Africa are to be directed to
Submission of proposals:

Applications closing date: Wednesday 17 July 2019. Proposals to be submitted to
Applicants who have not received a response within seven days of the closing date should assume that their bid was unsuccessful.

CSA reserves the right not to appoint a service provider if the applicants do not meet the required standards.
Conservation South Africa retains the sole right to any and decisions on granting the contract for this work.

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