SADAG Slams Bullying at Schools

SADAG counsels the family of a Gauteng learner who committed suicide after being bullied

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), a NGO that counselled the family of a 13-year old Gauteng pupil who committed suicide recently because of bullying, says that more than four suicides attributed to bullying had been reported in the last two weeks around the country.

SADAG operations director, Cassey Chambers, points out that they are receiving more calls about this form of ‘terrorism’, adding that, “A larger number of children are also coming forward and talking about their horrific experiences.”

In the same vein, Johannesburg psychologist, Dr Colinda Linde, states that, “...Most damaging is the fact victims worry about the negative views other children have of them.  Suicide often seems to them to be the only escape from this hell.”

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