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Latest editorial: Cabinet could be reduced by as many as nine departments and 15 deputy ministries

Current news regarding the new Cabinet is that it could be reduced by about nine departments and ministries.  Also, it appears as if Ramaphosa may take control of the finance, economics and security cluster, with allies proposed to take charge of vital ministries.  A couple of contriversial ministers, especially those implicated in the State Capture Inquiry, looks set to meet the chop.

The appointment of Cabinet is the prerogative of the president, but he will only do so after consultation with the ANC's leadership and discussions with the party's alliance partners, the SACP, Cosatu and Sanco.
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Yesterday, Chief Justice Mogoeng was handed a list of 830 elective representatives at the Constitutional Court.  The list was drawn from national, provincial and regional candidates lists from political parties.

The chief Justice warned the candidates that they should not forget the job they will be taking oath to do.  He said particular attention needs to be given to institutions whose levels of efficiency and independence has come into question. Also, he mentioned that the country needs a parliament and provincial legislature that holds the executive accountable. Is this a turning point in our democracy?  Can we be assured that the new executive is going to deliver according to campaign promises?
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