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The Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity that aims to be the global network for fundraising, resource mobilisation and philanthropy. The Resource Alliance offers comprehensive and customised capacity development services that equip NGOs around the world with the strategy, skills, knowledge and capacity to mobilise resources.

The capacity-building interventions of the Resource Alliance are usually led by Associates - well-trained capacity building practitioners with extensive knowledge of local fundraising constraints and opportunities.

Powerful Funding Proposals = Increased Funding

In this article, the author highlights the importance of well-written and researched funding proposals. She has seen too many badly constructed proposals – peppered with irrelevant information and project budgets that could leave potential donors doubting the ability of organisations to use scarce financial resources.

Should NGOs Embrace A More Business-Like Approach?

This is Part 2 of a two-part series of articles to assist NGOs in the transition towards greater autonomy. We explore some actions that can assist with transition to a more businesslike approach, and also take a closer look at income generation and its viability in the non-profit context.

Think Like a Business

Let’s start by looking at four important ‘re-thinking’ strategies that help an NGO make the transformation to greater success:

1. What is the trade? Understanding the ‘fair value exchange’

2012 NPO Forecast - A Time to Hasten Slowly

In these uncertain times it’s reassuring to know that the world will most definitely continue to spin, so ignore the Mayan calendar prophecy that humanity will evaporate in December 2012. However, the Mayans predict an era that will be more spiritual with new awakenings.

New opportunities abound for those who are ready to reflect and do things differently, change leadership styles and ignore negativity.

The CSI Curve - Seven Business Trends Shaping the Future of Socio-Economic Development

In today’s business world, the informed CEO makes strategic corporate social investment (CSI) decisions, aligned with core business interests. The excellent organisation integrates sustainability with business performance, and forms collaborative partnerships with government to influence policy and advocate change.

Corporate Social Investment - Part One: Rules of Engagement

Before the advent of the welfare state in Great Britain, extreme family poverty was dealt with through the philanthropy of rich persons to whom such human misery was unbearable.

This charity was given only to those whom they regarded as the 'deserving poor'.  In practice, this meant that charity was given only to those whom the feudal lords regarded as having demonstrated an acceptance of the indignity of their social and economic status.

Are You Applying ‘Ethics’ in Raising Funds?

In keeping with the spirit of good governance thousands of nonprofit organisations will need to consider production of an “Ethical Fundraising and Investment Policy”.

Some will argue that donors don’t ask for a policy so why bother. But this policy is not just about ‘what the donor wants’, it’s about transparency and accountability and those involved within and outside the organisation. It’s important to write processes and procedures down and state the organisations’ ethos to how it manages donations and cautiously considers its investments.

Lobbying for Changes to the Lotteries Fund

Finding Win-win Alternatives

The latter part of 2006 has seen much media coverage of civil society’s concerns with the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).  Much of the coverage centred on the issue of late or non-payments of funds to NGOs and the related risk that certain facilities and/or services to poor and marginalised people would be suspended.

Reach Your Funders – Share Your Stories

Take control of the way you market your NGO to funders - today.

For those of us who can't afford expensive advertising, marketing and communications services, there is a solution that promises to be equally rewarding. It's really simple - start sharing the amazing stories and best practice emerging from the work you're doing (we all know that NGOs do fantastic and meaningful work!).

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