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Post Office Provides Solution to Sassa Crisis

CEO Mark Barnes has submitted an affidavit dated March 13 to the Constitutional Court as part of the Post Office's application to be admitted as a friend of the court in the Black Sash vs Sassa matter due to be heard on Wednesday. 

In the court papers, Barnes states that using the Post Office would "serve the national interest, protect beneficiaries' information and support government's ambitions for radical socio-economic transformation". 

Oh Wait Just a Minute Mr. Postman, Just Look at the Damage You Have Caused!

Devastation and despair is the message coming out of the nonprofit sector after months of postal strikes and non-delivery of mail.
According to the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF) thousands of good causes and charities are experiencing deep financial difficulties as the strike impacts severely on the sector that relies heavily on public generosity to support their work through direct mail.
Providers of vital services to thousands of beneficiaries will have to cut-back on programmes and prepare for a Bah! Humbug! Christmas. 

NGO Services

NGO Services
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