13 Things Your Board Must Know About Your NPO

Good governance is the foundation of a successful NPO. Governance can make or break your organisation – if it is great you can fly, if it is poor you can fail.  In NPOs, therefore, we should know as much as possible about the key features of our organisational governance.

But what are they key governance-related facts your Board should have at its fingertips:

Here are the 13 top things your Board must know about your NPO:

Department of Social Development: Members of the Panel of Arbitration in Terms of the NPO Act

Call for Nominations of Candidates to be Appointed as Members of the Panel of Arbitration in Terms of the Nonprofit Organisations Act, No 71 of 1997 (NPO Act)

Nominations are hereby invited for the appointment of suitable persons to serve on a panel of arbitrators to be appointed by the Minister of Social Development in terms of Section 9 of the NPO Act. The NPO Act, created an appeal mechanism in respect of decisions to refuse or cancel registration under the Act, and specified a procedure for appointing the persons who may conduct appeals and arbitrations.

Is Local Really Lekker?

When it comes to local government, then ‘local is lekker’ does not apply and the opposite is more likely. For many years municipalities have made concessions in terms of rates and taxes that apply to benevolent organisations, including institutions that care for traumatised children. Sadly, this has changed and one can only assume that municipalities do not embrace social responsibility as part of their corporate conduct or in business practise.

The NGO Funding Cisis

There is a huge funding crisis in the NGO sector and since the South African Council of Social Service Professions (SACSSP) is representing the interests of communities and social serivice professionals e.g. social workers, social auxiliary workers, child and youth care workers etc. it would like to respond to the current situation by means of a presentation to the Minister of Social Development. Please assist by giving input on this topic if you are working in the NGO sector; especially if you employ staff registered at the SACSSP.

Joint media statement by Minister Bathabile Dlamini and the Ministerial Task Team on Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)

The Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini held a meeting with the Ministerial Task Team on Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) to discuss administrative matters relating to the NPO sector, the registration status of NPOs, and also reach agreement on the way forward with regards to de-registration of NPOs that failed to comply with the NPO Act (Act No.71 of 1997).

Impact and Sustainability

Perhaps a great deal has already been written about NPO sustainability and impact. But, the social mindset of South Africans is telling a new story. South Africa is said to be the protest capital of the world. This, for any development practitioner raises the questions such as: are we doing enough? It can be said that many corporate social investment (CSI) programmes produce many results on the extent to which they may have funded education or sports or health. How are we putting what we know into concrete action, with tangible benefits and outcomes?

The NonProfit Sector Provides Sustainable Solutions Where Business Fails

Entrepreneurship has a key role in society, not least in business which exists for profit. But business cannot do everything. It is the non-profit sector (NPO), however, that has the edge in working for the interests of you and me, the ordinary people in the community. So why does business criticise civil society for not operating like a business.

Dave Koz Jazz Jam Puts it Forward

 World renown saxophonist Dave Koz recently helped “pay it forward” in the way he knows best - with the magic of music.

With six Grammys behind his name, Koz is no stranger on the international music scene and now neither to Hillbrow locals. Dave generously offered to do a semi-private benefit concert on behalf of MES and Bassline in Newtown who offered their venue free of charge. The Dave Koz Jazz Jam took place on 11 April 2009

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