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The State of Electricity in South Africa - Part I

“There’s a belief out there that the electricity challenge is a result of the failure of  government, of lack of leadership ... The economy of apartheid was racially skewed  and structured to take care of the minority, not the majority of the country ...  Apartheid forced the majority of people to live far away from economic  opportunities, this exclusion must be defeated.” - President Jacob Zuma, 2014 

Africa’s Energy Future Contested

As outlined President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address in February 2015, the energy crisis in South Africa, with regular ‘load-shedding’ due to shortages of power from the monopoly utility Eskom, is now at the top of the political agenda, with ongoing disputes about who is responsible and when the situation can be fixed.

The long-term strategy to exit the crisis and begin a transition to a sustainable energy system is also marked by strong disagreements between utility and government officials and their critics.

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