Farmers Back to Work After Little Showers

Residents in the city of Bulawayo returned to the fields on Monday after some little showers pounded the country’s second largest city on Sunday, hoping to take advantage of the rain season to produce food which has turned inaccessible to many.
Inadequate wages and massive company closures in the City of Kings - once the country’s industrial hub - have forced residents to resort to urban farming to supplement their food stocks.

Malawians Hard Hit by Poverty

As Malawi marks 50 years of freedom from colonial rule, numerous locals say the country today is living in a new form of bondage: poverty.

At an event in the capital Lilongwe, thousands of Malawians, along with African leaders, including Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, are expected to mark five decades of freedom from Britain.

Minimum Wages Must be Living Wages: Workers Support Families

The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA) Minimum Food Basket in March 2015 for a family of four members increased from R2 155.62 to R2 170.04, a R14.42 or 0.67 percent month-on-month increase. This increase in the cost of a basket of food has to be considered against the increasing price trends in the International Commodity prices for staple foods and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) food month-on-month increases (up for the third month since January) and importantly against the backdrop of the urgent debate on minimum wages.

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