General Household Survey, 2016

 According to the results of the General Household Survey, 2016 released by Statistics South Africa today, the percentage of South African households with inadequate or severely inadequate access to food decreased from 23,9% in 2010 to 22,3% in 2016. The percentage of households that experienced hunger decreased from 23,8% to 11,8% while the percentage of individuals who experienced hunger decreased from 29,3% to 13,4% over the same period.

Urban Income Inequality on the Increase

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says that global income inequality increased significantly due to the 2008 economic recession.

In its report ‘Divided We Stand: why income inequality keep Rising’, the organisation says argues that despite robust economic growth since the recession, most emerging markets - including South Africa - have failed to reduce inequality.

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