A Perfect Pinotage Pairing: Wine Farmer Philanthropy in South Africa

Let me start by saying I wanted to write an energising piece about the increasing predominance of wine farmers linked with philanthropy – and it would probably have ended up sounding a tad romantic, with visions of committed philanthropists making funding decisions to change South Africa’s entrenched dynamics of poverty and injustice, while sipping on a glass of world-renowned pinotage as the sun sets over their vineyards and workers bring in the last of the day’s grape harvest.

This blog hasn’t turned out quite that way.

Capetonians Come With a Superhero Effort to Smash Records for the Twitter Blanket Drive 2013

Capetonians came with a superhero effort over the weekend in the Twitter Blanket Drive when they broke the record for blanket collection of last year in a much shorter time frame, this year. Last year, 1 600 blankets were collected via Twitter in a three-month period. This year the campaign was just over three weeks long and more than 1 600 blankets were collected. Various teams were collecting blankets for a range of non-governmental organisation (NGOs).

Wealthy Donors in South Africa: Giving is a Way of Life

With all the coverage regarding the Motsepe family, and David Beckham pledging their earnings to philanthropy, one wonders if these are isolated incidences and whether in South Africa (SA) in particular these are rare displays of generosity and magnanimity, or are other South Africans in fact actively involved in philanthropy but operating below the radar?

Motsepe to Give Away Half of His Wealth

South African billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, has pledged to donate half of his family’s wealth to a foundation that would benefit poor people.
At a media conference, Motsepe thanked United States billionaire, Warren Buffet, for his advice on how to go about donating his wealth.
He also thanked Bill and Melinda Gates for their advice on the same issue.

Free Media Space to Assist NGOs and SMEs

Towards the end of June 2012, Media24 donated R24 million worth of advertising space in its magazines, newspapers and online titles to help make the dreams of 12 nonprofit organisations and 12 small businesses in South Africa come true.

The donation forms part of the group's 'Giving you space to Grow' project, aimed at community development and growth.

This is a focused initiative to combine the efforts of the media company's myriad social investments under one umbrella and to make a difference in the visibility of these 24 organisations and businesses.

Individual Giving: The Holy Grail of Fundraising

At the tail end of last year, I tried to answer a question: Why do South Africans give?

If I could understand this, I could understand the complexity of individual giving, which on paper looked to be the next strategic step for fundraisers in South Africa (SA).

Securing regular donations from ‘Joe Public’ has long been the Holy Grail of fundraising.

It delivers predictable, unrestricted funding to the organisation, eliminating dependency on large donors and creating diversity in types of income.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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