‘Marrying Your Rapist is Not Justice’ - NGOs

Women’s organisations in Mozambique plan to protest outside the country’s Parliament against articles in a new draft of the penal code, including a provision that charges of rape or other sexual offences will be dropped if the rapist marries the victim.

The penal code is currently being revised by the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Commission, but it has left much of the old penal code, directly inherited from the Portuguese penal code of 1886, intact.

Violent Forms of Ukuthwala Reveal Longstanding Brutality Against Women

To understand South Africa’s present condition, in which violence against women and girls is endemic, we must travel back to an unfamiliar past. Digging deep, answers can be unearthed to questions about forms of gendered abuse that unrelentingly flourish today. It is important to do this work, as violence against women cannot be eradicated without exploring the rationalisations that sustain it.

SADC Must Engage Men for Gender Equality

The 2013 Global Gender Gap Report reveals that gender gaps across the globe are slowly starting to close. Although international and regional gender equality instruments are helping to close these gaps, many parts of the world, including Southern Africa are still far from achieving equality. One important factor hindering this achievement is that our efforts tend to exclude the engagement of men in fighting for gender equality.

White Ribbon South Africa: Freelance Executive Assistant

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest male led effort against gender-based violence, with activities in over 65 countries. It is based on the premise that most men are good and that good men abhor violence. The campaign also believes in the capacity of the individual to change and effect change in others.

White Ribbon South Africa seeks to appoint a Freelance Executive Assistant, based in Pretoria.

The successful candidate will work hand-in-hand with the Director, providing support in a wide range of administrative functions.


Post 2015 - Voice, Choice and Control for All!

We observe International Women’s Day on 8 March 2014, which aptly sets the stage for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58) held at the United Nations in New York starting on 10 March 2014. This year’s CSW also coincides with the 10th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Ironically and hypocritically, the fall of the ‘tragic hero’, Oscar Pistorius, will continue to garner undue resources and dominate international headlines, while these events and women’s everyday oppression will be merely deliberated and largely unheard.

MOSAIC: Programme Manager - MenCare+

MOSAIC Training, Service and Healing Centre for Women (MOSAIC) is a well-known organisation in Cape Town that delivers an array of programmes and support services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. The organisation is looking for the right candidate to manage the implementation, execution, control and completion of specific deliverables of the MenCare+ Programme business plan, ensuring the timely delivery of the programme goals within its given scope, resources and budget.

MOSAIC seeks to appoint a Programme Manager for it's MenCare+ Programme.

Collaboration is Crucial to Address GBV and Disability

In April 2012, a cellphone video of a teenager with an intellectual disability being gang raped by men and boys from her community in Soweto went viral. Authorities had no choice but to attend to the 17-year-old’s ordeal, so too, South Africans had to acknowledge the violence that so many women and girls with disabilities face on a daily basis.

MOSAIC: Social Auxiliary Worker - MenCare+

MOSAIC Training, Service and Healing Centre for Women (MOSAIC), is a nonprofit organisation that provides a holistic range of services to persons affected by gender-based violence. MOSAIC was established in 1993 to assist female victims of domestic violence. Since then, the organisation has expanded and now assists victims of domestic and sexual violence and their families. MOSAIC’s programmes include: Court Support, Social Services, MenCare+, Sexual Violence and Sexual Reproductive Health.

National Sexual Offences Statistics Reflect Silence and Failure

There was quite an uproar following the recent release of South Africa’s national crime statistics - considered the worst figures in the ten years. However, lost in these heated debates is the rampant sexual violence that women face every day of their lives. If we do not, at the very least halve gender-based violence (GBV), we will certainly be fighting a losing battle against crime in this country.


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