EE and EELC Support Process of Closing and Merging Schools in Eastern Cape – On Condition that it is Lawful and Democratic

Equal Education (EE) and the Equal Education Law Centre (EELC) support the Eastern Cape school rationalisation process, but it must be conducted lawfully, democratically, and in accordance with the requirements and deadlines stipulated by the Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure. Learners’ rights to education must be protected!

World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day, instead of celebrating, the country’s teachers are lamenting the stress they work under and the challenges they face.

Jaftha Jonkers has been a teacher for 30 years. He said he has seen a lot of changes in the profession.

“I still enjoy teaching, but it’s not what it used to be. The main challenge is that the kids we are dealing with are a different type of child. We thought technology would make it easier, but it hasn't really.”

Jonathan Moyo to Pay

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo was yesterday slapped with costs after his application challenging the constitutionality of his arrest by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) was postponed indefinitely for failing to comply with the Supreme Court rules.

Through his lawyers, Moyo failed to properly paginate and bind his court documents in strict violation of rule 43 of the Supreme Court. This prompted the full Constitutional Court (ConCourt) bench to censure Moyo’s legal practitioners and decline to entertain the matter.

NSFAS Needs to Recover More Money

National Students Financial Aid Scheme Chief Financial Officer Lerato Nage has told the Fees Commission that according to their records about R285-million owed by students to the scheme, still needs to be recovered.

Nage was testifying before the Fees Commission chaired by Judge Jonathan Heher.

Nage says since coming into operation, debt collectors have assisted NSFAS to recover between R15 million to R32 million of the money students owed to the scheme.

No More ‘Maiden Bursaries’

Uthukela municipality will no longer be offering university bursaries to virgins.

It has accepted the recommendations of the Commission for Gender Equality, which investigated the awarding of "maiden bursaries" to 16 girls by the municipality.
The commission's CEO, Keketso Maema, told parliament yesterday that the investigation found that "the issuance of a bursary contingent on female students' virginity is fundamentally discriminatory".

MTN and Telkom to Give Students Free Data

Telecommunications giants MTN and Telkom are giving students access to academic materials online at no cost as #FeesMustFall protests rage on across the country.

MTN chief executive Mteto Nyati said they would allow university students free access to university websites in order to access online content. Telkom said this was part of its ongoing commitment to supporting education.

Telkom Help Students Access Academic Materials

Telkom said that it will be providing free data to students who cannot access academic materials due to the ongoing student protests which have lasted for a month.
In a statement on Wednesday‚ the communications service provider said this is part of its ongoing commitment to supporting education within South Africa.

Many institutions have had to make alternative plans to continue the academic year‚ including making lecture and study material available online while campuses are accessible to students.

Tensions Have Risen At #FeesMustFall Protests

As organisations that work to protect and advance the right to protest, we note with concern the situation on various university campuses across the country.

Tensions have risen to an all-time high with the shutdown of many universities across the country, the widespread use of force, interdicts, arrests, private security and police brutality on campuses.

Police and Security on Wits Campuses

Police and a full security contingent will be on all Wits University campuses on Tuesday as lectures resume.

“It is not ideal to attend classes with police at the doors of learning, but I am left with no choice,” vice chancellor Adam Habib said in a statement on Monday.

The full security presence was due to the harassment of some staff on Monday. He apologised to staff members who were intimidated, threatened, and forced to leave their offices earlier in the day.


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