​African Children to Suffer Due to El Nino

Save the Children, a non-governmental organisation, has warned that millions of children will suffer disproportionately from the failed harvests and devastated livelihoods left behind by the El Nino weather phenomenon.

The charity’s East and Southern Africa regional director, David Wright, points out that, “Children face protection risks as families and communities move in search of work, food, water and grazing land for animals.”

The organisation estimates that 26.5 million children could face malnutrition, water shortages and disease in affected African regions.

​Govt Declares Food Emergency Due to Drought

The international community must act swiftly and decisively on the Malawi Government's ‘declaration of emergency’ where people are facing worsening hunger because of El Nino-related drought and country-wide crop failures.
Oxfam, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Save the Children and GOAL say the Government of Malawi's declaration was a much-needed acknowledgement of the scale of the problem and should send a strong signal to donors to act quickly.

South African Red Cross Society: Finance and Administration Officer

The South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) is part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation. With 100 million members, staff and volunteers, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has a truly global reach and presence in 186 countries across the world. The organisation's mission is to render services to prevent and alleviate human suffering and to foster human dignity in all communities by addressing the basic needs of the people in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

NGOs Our Only Hope - Villagers

According to Moses Matenga, one thing Chivi villagers in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo province would want to quickly forget is the ravaging drought that ate away their livestock in 2012.

In his article titled ‘NGOs our only hope – villagers’, Matenga states that from the hunger of 2008 that forced them to compete for chakata (a wild fruit) with donkeys to the menacing dry spell of 2012-13, the villagers and their counterparts from the southern region do not want, never again, to see their livestock dying from hunger.

Starvation to Hit Swaziland

A Swazi-based newspaper has reported that people in rural Swaziland are about to die of hunger.

The report states that rain has been scarce this season, adding that crops have failed and food has run out.

The newspaper further quoted one unnamed elderly woman as saying that: “We are starving, literally starving my child. Just like most of the kitchens in this community right now, there is absolutely no food.”

To read the article titled, “'Starvation' to Hit Swaziland,” click here.

​SADC Needs Funding As Drought Hits Hard

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) region needs at least US$2.7 billion to mitigate the effects of El Nino induced drought.

Since being hit by the worst drought in more than thirty years, SADC is more concerned about food security which may lead to millions suffering from starvation.

SADC launched an appeal for humanitarian assistance in Gaborone, Botswana, at a time when 40 million people representing 14 percent of the region's total population are food insecure.

UN Tackles Havoc Wreaked by ‘El Nino’ and ‘La Nina

The United Nations (UN) agencies’ efforts to help more than 60 million people affected worldwide by the climate cycles are exposing weaknesses in local and international systems.

The newly-appointed UN Special Envoy on El Niño and Climate ambassador, Macharia Kamau, points out that, “The new pattern of climate events [better known by their Spanish designations, El Niño and La Niña] is exposing weaknesses in our preparedness, in international and government systems and in community infrastructure.”

More than 700k Namibians Face Food Shortages

More than 700 000 Namibians are facing acute food insecurity amid mounting livestock deaths due to the widespread shortage of water and pasture following three successive years of drought, a new government-led vulnerability survey has revealed.

In its ‘Namibia Rural Food Security and Livelihood Vulnerability Forecast’ report for 2016/2017, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Agriculture says of the 729 134 people facing food insecurity, 595 839 need immediate food assistance.

SADC Faces Food Insecurity Due to Drought

An estimated 41 million people in the rural population of countries falling under the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are food insecure following the El Nino-induced drought.

The regional body points out that this meant 23 percent of the region’s 181 million rural population were affected, adding that at least 21 million are in urgent need of assistance.

According to the SADC’s recent Vulnerability Assessment Results on the El Nino weather phenomenon, nearly 2.7 million children were suffering from acute malnutrition.

Special Envoy for El Nino and Climate

The United Nations’ Secretary General has appointed Special Envoys on El Nino and Climate - the former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and Kenya’s Ambassador to the United Nations Macharia Kamau.
The appointments come at a time of great urgency with droughts and flooding associated with El Nino creating massive needs, especially in the worst affected regions of Southern and East Africa, Central America and the Pacific.


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