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Groups Slam Release of 'Advocate Barbie'

Women and children's lobby groups have slammed the release of Cezanne Visser who is dubbed 'Advocate Barbie'.

The department says Visser, who has served half her sentence, has complied with the requirements for her release, after serving a seven-year jail term on 11 charges, including two of indecently assaulting an eleven-year-old girl and a 14-year-old.

The Department of Correctional Services has defended its decision to release 'Advocate Barbie' saying she is not likely to commit the same crime.

Abused Child: Don’t Let Another Child Become a Statistic

Rindy was a young child entering the child welfare system because she was in need of protection. Her grandfather, the person who was supposed to spoil her with healthy hugs, the occasional sweet and lots of stories about long, long ago, took her childhood from her through his inappropriate sexual actions. During a projection technique done by her social worker she had to identify herself in a specific picture. Instead of choosing one of the two possible girls in the picture she chose the picture of the toilet. “That is me,” she said. She is 13 years old today.

Increase in Sex Crimes Against Boys - Childline

Childline has raised concern over the increase in sexual crimes against boys, as the Ride On! Speak Out! campaign kicked off to raise awareness of child abuse.
The organisations’ department head of community awareness and prevention programme and training in Gauteng, Gita Dennen, says that research indicated that more children below the age of 15 are being abused.
Dennen states that, “Boys tend to not report abuse which can be the result of the way they are raised to not ask for help,” adding that this could be ‘very’ dangerous.

Male Teachers Turning Into ‘Girl Predators’

A study commissioned by the Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) has established the extent of human rights violation by teachers in the form of harassment and sexual exploitation of the female students.

The study, which was aimed at finding out the extent of form of girl child abuse and come up with community-based interventions to curb the practice, revealed that the cause of this unwelcome behaviour of male teachers with female pupils is more complex.


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