Hard Times Builds Character

Like it or not, hard times are good for you. The old truth that it builds character, is as valid today as it was years ago when our grandparents told us so. When I think back to the times when I was under pressure, to pass examinations, to submit reports on time, to make plans for the survival of Abraham Kriel Childcare, I experienced both pain and growth. I did not experience unhappiness.

Abraham Kriel Childcare is currently going through a tough period. The situation has forced us to look critically at what we do and how we do it.

A Brave Spirit in Social Change

This month saw the launch of a new social change initiative called ‘Dignify’. There would not be much to comment – good causes pop up all the time – but this game plan is very different from others. Without cloaking itself in some or other religion or belief caste, it wants to bring spirituality and human dignity to the core of social development in South Africa. It is a courageous and practical attempt at ‘transformation of the development approach’ and maybe it will not find rocky ground.

Are There Risks in Giving Money Directly to Communities?

The ways in which funding is channelled to communities can be an effective way to address poverty and inequality and empower communities to take forward their own development. This is one of the key findings of a recent study conducted by Khanya-aicdd and its partners Concern Malawi and Practical Action Zimbabwe. The results of the review have been captured in a policy briefing published by Khanya-aicdd.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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