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Black Sash: National Director

"To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity. To impose on them a wretched life of hunger and deprivation is to dehumanise them." -- Nelson Mandela

Black Sash is one of South Africa’s oldest NGO’s celebrating 65 years of advancing social justice and human rights for civil society – their emphasis is social security & social protection for the most vulnerable. They implement three programmes:

LHR: National Director

Lawyers for Human Rights is seeking to appoint a National Director to lead this 40-year old, vibrant public interest legal organisation.

Lawyers for Human Rights is a 40-year old non-profit organisation offering specialist public interest legal services in key programme areas such as refugee and migrant rights, land reform, housing, environmental justice, penal reform, gender equality, worker rights and public impact litigation. The organisation has a national footprint, with six offices and legal clinics located around the country.

Breastfeeding in Public a Civil Right for Women

This was a heated topic on our WhatsApp group earlier this month and funny enough, Stian sent a chat that a woman sitting next to him on the plane was breastfeeding…Quite funny since we have been discussing about it and even though the discussion had died down it suddenly erupted again. Well, my personal take on it at first was that women can feed anywhere, it doesn’t matter as long as they cover up and some of my mates where just not for that compromise, especially the females in the group.

Govt to Appeal Al-Bashir Ruling in ConCourt

Government will consider a Constitutional Court appeal following its defeat in a Bloemfontein court on 15 March 2016.
Government was appealing a Pretoria High Court ruling which stated that because South Africa is a signatory to the Rome Statute‚ Al-Bashir should have been arrested when attended the African Union Summit in June.
In the same vein, Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh‚ executive director of the Southern African Litigation Centre says that they were delighted that the Supreme Court of Appeal had dismissed the government's appeal.

Youth for Survival's Pledge for Parity

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8 March and in South Africa we also celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August every year. South Africa comes in at eighth place on a world classification table of women in national parliament. These are all developments that deserve to be applauded as the nation is taking strides towards the ultimate goal of achieving women’s rights. However, in the same instance it is never enough until we reach the peak of equality in all spheres, when women’s dignity and rights can be fairly observed in our nation.

Group Commends Church on Same-Sex Marriages

Bishops welcome same-sex couples

Same-sex advocacy groups have applauded a decision by Anglican bishops from across Southern Africa to welcome gay and lesbian couples into congregations as full church members.

The Triangle Project, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people rights (LGBTI) organisation, welcomed the decision, saying that, “While this is a first step, any step which moves towards inclusion and tackling the stigma against LGBTI people should be welcomed...”

ANC: Celebrating 100 Years of Existence

The African National Congress (ANC) held its 100th birthday celebrations from 6-8 January 2011 in Mangaung, Free State, where it was formed in 1912. The celebrations featured events which were attended by among others, sitting and former heads of state, ANC members and supporters from all over South Arica and the alliance partners.

Below are the messages of support to mark the ANC’s centenary:

CER:Senior Writer

The Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) is a non-profit organisation and law clinic of environmental rights lawyers that helps communities defend their right to a healthy environment. We do this by advocating and litigating for environmental justice.

The Centre for Environmental Rights seeks to employ a senior writer to join our Communications Team to be based in Cape Town, but other locations will be considered as long as the candidate is also willing to travel, subject to COVID constraints.

ARIS: Individual Consultancy- Review and Analysis of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Legal Framework on Computer Crimes and Cybercrimes

The ARISA Program is seeking the services of a consultant to analyse the SADC Regional Legal Framework on Computer Crimes and Cybercrimes, and the implications of this framework on SADC citizens’ digital/online rights. The analysis will be anchored on three SADC Model Laws namely;


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