Your Wild Oats (or Mine)

Your wild oats (or mine)
these we see around us
doing their thing
articulating what they do

Your wild oats (or mine)
pledging their loyalties
to emperor and fatherland
for better or for worse

Your wild oats (or mine)
laying themselves down
on the (party) line they toe
in the name of all things

Your wild oats (or mine)
prepared to go to war
prepared to make war
back to the bush (mentality)

War conflict battle hostilities
all sounding negative
no revolution here as far
as my eye can still see

Your wild oats (or mine)
no wonder we are
in the state we are in
(violence being the order)

Your wild oats (or mine)
see now what we
have all sowed
or is it reaped

Sewing together a line or two, Wednesday afternoon, 18 June 2008, in
response to the bombast we hear from near and far, from young lions and
old, post-June 16 2008.

- David Kapp,

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