Five, no it’s not a small number. That is the amount of websites I have counted (in the last five minutes) that belong to NGO's whose websites I would like to present with a HOSPICE PLUS award at the next SANGONeT Conference and its a sad sad situation as they have not been updated for more than a year. When you attend meetings and/or receive newsletters, a wonderful picture is painted, whilst I don’t doubt that these organisations are doing amazing work, if you can’t do it well don’t do it at all.

Its time for NGO's to begin operating sleek operations and not along shoddy/shady lines.  (ag shame we're a charity operation style.) and use this as an excuse to deliver poor workmanship.

This sector needs to be governed to fall in line with best practices (read: defined outcomes, time frames, accountability and reporting structures.). Well as they say, the proof of the pudding is in this case in the website. Last updated more than a year ago; these websites resemble frail, sickly organisations which proudly boast that the LATEST minutes are available.....November 2005. Uh huh. Excuses are becoming lame. If an NGO makes a decision to enter the www. it should be a case of, if you can’t do it properly than don’t do it at all. In my view SANGONeT is placed in a prime position to act as an advisory body or unit to NGO's SEEKING TO ENTER THE WWW OR ENHANCE THIER WEB PRESENCE.

There is nothing more depressing than needing info in a hurry and checking out the site only to read at the bottom.... Last updated January 2004. I mean really now. SNAIL MAIL ANYONE?

Tian Johnson

For many years now CORE has actively campaigned for NGO points in government tendering.  Our view has been that all CSO’s should be able to obtain a full score for ownership and equity.  Their staff complement should be judged on the organizations record.  Even the IEC was not willing to consider and review its decisions on the matter.  The matter was raised at the COSATU/ SACC/ SANGOCO exchange in 2005 by me directly with Minister Trevor Manuel. In essence the Minister’s response was two fold 1) often his staff are not aware of the historical and present role of CSO’s in South Africa 2) The People’s Budget process should make firm proposals in this matter.


Mr. Phiroshaw Camay
Co-operative for Research and Education (CORE)

The editor,

On the subject I wan to be short and precise. Yes poverty can be eradicated not even be reduced as we see many of the references saying.

I wish to however indicate that poverty can be eradicated only when people of South stand up together with their governments to reject the neo liberal policy framework which erodes the state, promote capital accumulation by t he corporations of the north at the expense of our people.  Yes, I repeat another world is possible. We need to help our people including governments to understand the global dynamics and force them to stop signing for everything that comes across.

Sofonea Shale
Development for Peace education

Women, women, women
get off your butts

Angry words on radio
spewed forth not by men
feeling emasculated by
our much-lauded constitution,
but by women, embittered
(and pale of face ones, to boot)

Women, women, women
complains one woman
too much woman-stuff
too much women-speak
she sounds almost man-like

Get off your butts
moans another woman
too much marching
too much screaming
why don't they work
instead of being
on the street

So far we have come
So far we have to go
So much has changed
So much remains

So, get off your butts
women, women, women

Lest we all really have
something to scream about

DK, triggered by 2 phone calls to SAFM on 09 August 2006


Have you been freed?

Have you been freed?
What have you been freed from?
What imprisoned you?
What held you up?

What makes you free?
What makes you feel free?

What chains bind you?
What holds you back?

What binds you, still?
What traps you, still?

What are the problems?
What are the challenges?

Are you free enough
to do what still has to be done?

Have you been freed enough
to do what still has to be done?

How free are you?
How free are we all?

DK, 09 August 2006, listening to Professor Cheryl Potgieter on the radio,
live from the Union Building in Pretoria.

Dear Editor,

The subject matter is much more complex because of physiological and psychological factors aroung living species.

Poverty can only be eradicated through group and individual political will that could be developed by humans only in the long - term.

Otherwise how would you describe individuals who earn say +- $4,5 million per annum but could hardly spend $100 to help two or three poor people.

Reginald Maloba

Editor Responds: Thank you very much for your comments and contribution to this debate. You are right, the issue of poverty is complex and its very difficult to address the depth of the subject matter in a simple poll. I also agree that it is going to take a collective, comprehensive and fundamentally supported effort to eradicate poverty. Our August poverty eradication poll is simply a tool to test perspectives to provide a general idea about public perceptions.


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